What’s the significance of having a Master Degree in India?

Are you curious to know why a master degree is a key to a bright future? Read on to find out.

Due to the increased cut throat competition among potential employees, job hunting has become a mounting task for many people during recent years. Studies have shown that job seekers are diligently equipping themselves with the essential skills to get them a well-paid job and keep them there. In the past, having a Bachelor’s degree was enough. However, there has been a boost in demand for master’s graduates. A study revealed that there has been a tremendous increase in the number of Master’s courses being taught. The findings also showed that employers are adding more value to master degrees, hence discerning between just good employees and exceptional ones. But why is the Master’s graduate preferred?

Master degrees expand your skill base, further your knowledge and can greatly improve your career prospects. The additional qualifications will improve your career prospects, making you an asset to your employer or a better interview candidate. Many employers look for the advanced knowledge and skills of a master degree, as well as the commitment they have demonstrated in achieving a further qualification.

What will you ace?

Key professional skills

Serious employers need employees who have the best skills for a particular profession. In order to acquire the best, one needs to take an extra mile in education, in this case undertaking a master’s degree. Master’s graduates tend to have better expertise in their profession, making them the most preferred candidates for top jobs. Skills such as critical and creative thinking, project management, IT, communication, data analysis, independent thinking as well as problem-solving are best acquired and instilled when undertaking a master’s degree.


Most Bachelor’s degree graduates deal with a wide scope of a particular job. They tend to know a little of everything, but are masters of no particular niche. This makes them unfit for sensitive jobs that require high proficiency levels. Master’s graduates, on the other hand, seem to have a little knowledge about everything and also everything about a particular area. They, therefore, tend to be the best for consultation and problem-solving.


Profit-driven companies require employees who are assets and not liabilities. To be a treasured asset in a company, a master’s degree is mandatory. Clients tend to trust the most learned people. Having such a person in a company will indubitably boost sales. Studies have shown that most master’s graduates are offered lucrative jobs even without looking for them.


Master’s graduates are always relevant in their field. They are always at par with the required level of education and prowess. Any employer would want to have the very best and pay the best to aid the growth of the company.

Enhanced employability

One of the factors that employers look at is the employability of a candidate. Master’s graduates tend to go through dissertation, course work and taught modules. This combination helps them develop skills such as the ability to meet deadlines, organizational skills, and time management. They, therefore, attract numerous employers.

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