Executive MBA vs PGDM – Pros and Cons

Most of us do not want to give up on education regardless of their job. The thirst to pursue education while having a job definitely blooms into a more successful career. Programs offered by Suryadatta comprise of various degree courses for working professionals to increase their level of education and also to boost their professional career. One such course is EMBA, which stands for Executive MBA, which allows managers, executives, leaders, etc. to continue their education along with the existing job. EMBA is often misinterpreted with regular MBA program, but the former itself is a type of the latter. This blog will help you to understand the difference between MBA and Executive MBA.

What is MBA & Executive MBA?


Master in Business Administration, abbreviated as MBA is a post-graduate degree course sought by students to master the business education. It covers all major business areas like marketing, accounting, finance, operations, human resource, etc. MBA is one of the professional degrees, recognized worldwide and designed to develop basic and advanced skills required in the field of business and management as well. It is the highly-pursued after-graduation program in the world and is offered in a wide variety of formats.

Executive MBA

EMBA an acronym for Executive Master of Business Administration is a business degree especially designed for working executives and business professionals who are willing to improve their business skills and get better exposure in their career. It allows you to learn and earn at the same time. The schedule of the course is designed flexibly, to help the managers, leaders; executives fulfill their educational needs. Further, the Executive MBA students possess high level of working experience.


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