Aug  11

Placements at Suryadatta Group of Institutes

Suryadatta Institutes is known for its excellence in placement records.  We’re known to give our students the path to explore various industries as we invite top notch brands for placement. Suryadatta begins its corporate training right from the beginning since the time student’s start with their program. Students are rigorously trained on various aspects which they are going to face in the...

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Aug  09

Landscape design, a new age career for you!

So, you see a fairly green lawn and your creative juices begin to flow. You begin the landscaping planning all in your mind. You think of the creative ways and construction of gardens appearance and how you can make it a space for outdoor activities around a home. If you do think of all this, then a career in Landscape Design is just right for you. Working as a landscape designer requires little...

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Jul  24

MBA in Digital Marketing! Boost your career in the most happening field right now.

Today’s world demands a solid integrated marketing strategy. Online networking sites, Internet advertising, and other technological advances have prompted many businesses to explore digital marketing. People who wish to advance their careers in this field benefit from earning a master’s degree. What is an MBA in Digital Marketing? It is more than just learning the foundations of online...

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Jul  20

Confidence, creativity, courage – how to maximize your MBA

Embarking on an intensive journey for an MBA is demanding across all aspects of your life: intellectually, socially, financially, and personally. How do you balance these demands and make sure you are making the most of your MBA for the best possible experience? The answer is in the question itself: Confidence, creativity and courage. Part of the MBA experience is training you for the tumultuous...

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Jul  18

5 Golden Ways to Achieve Your Goals

If you want to succeed, you need to define your goals. Without goals, you lack focus and become aimless. Goal setting not only allows you to take control of your life’s direction; it also provides you a benchmark for determining whether you are truly succeeding. Think about it: Having crores of rupees in the bank is the only proof of success if one of your goals is to accrue riches. If your...

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Jun  24

Lucrative career opportunities in the field of International Business

The world has become a global marketplace; all types of businesses are now conducting operations throughout the world. Multinational corporations, joint ventures, financial institutions, law firms, consulting firms, and manufacturers of both goods and services cater to an international clientele. When referring to “international” business, there are some important distinctions to keep in...

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Jun  22

Career Opportunities in Finance: What you can do with a Finance Degree

The best things in life may be free, but money powers the world. How do you choose what to invest in? How can you gauge your financial decisions when conditions are constantly changing? These are some of the crucial questions of the finance industry. The three main categories of finance are public, corporate and personal finance. Because most businesses realize the value in mindfully managing...

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Jun  12

Success Stories of Suryans (Suryadatta Stars)in their own words

Who’s making an impact at Suryadatta? “The Suryans” who are Suryadatta Group of Institutes rising stars. Suryadatta’s Suryans makes news around the world. The purpose of these profiles is to offer a career insight to you from the alumni’s who share their Suryadatta experiences and can offer an unbiased viewpoint. Every success story is unique and the possibilities are endless. Our...

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May  30

The types of entrance test you’ll come across for your MBA

Are you are an MBA aspirant and planning for admission? If yes, the first step for you is to know about the must take Top MBA entrance exams. Once you know all about the exam such as its eligibility, exam pattern, and all exam related dates, you will be able to proceed towards preparations. The preparation you need to take is for tests which are an important part to achieve your dream of getting...

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May  30

Event Management – Why it’s the most preferred career choice?

Event management, the most profound form of advertising and marketing, is a glamorous and thrilling profession. It provides an opportunity for unleashing one’s creative potential to a very high degree. It demands a lot of hard work and effort but at the same time offers enormous scope. Event management is a multimillion dollar industry which is growing at the rate of 150% per annum with...

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