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Aug  16

5 Reasons to Study B.Sc. Animation From Suryadatta Group of Institutes

Looking for B. Sc. in Animation? Well, Suryadatta has the solution! Graduation in Animation is an exciting and contemporary course that builds young artists who can create breathtaking 2D and 3D animation films, graphic designs, motion graphics, games, visual effects, UI and web designs. B. Sc. in Animation course transforms your life by adding value to your talent and capability to innovate and...

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Jun  12

Success Stories of Suryans (Suryadatta Stars) in Their Own Words

Who’s making an impact at Suryadatta? “The Suryans” who are Suryadatta Group of Institutes rising stars. Suryadatta’s Suryans makes news around the world. The purpose of these profiles is to offer a career insight to you from the alumni’s who share their Suryadatta experiences and can offer an unbiased viewpoint. Every success story is unique and the possibilities are endless. Our...

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May  05

Animation is More Than Cartooning. Learn its Difference

First of all, Animation is NOT a Cartoon. Let’s get straight to why animation is not a cartoon and why they are poles apart. The word anime derived from French term ‘dessin animé’ while others claim that it was used as an abbreviation during the late 1970s era. English dictionaries define the word “Anime” as Japanese style of motion picture animation, on the other hand, Cartoon was...

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