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Aug  08

Top Reasons Why Suryadatta Group of Institutes Is the Final Destination for a Glorious Career

In your search for the perfect degree program, you’ll probably spend a lot of time browsing through prospectuses, visiting new cities and towns, milling around campus with current students and imagining your life as an undergraduate. As you do this, you’ll obviously want to be paying close attention to the quality of the teaching and the institution’s reputation, but there are other...

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Jun  04

Interesting Facts about Suryadatta Group of Institutes

Management institutes have mushroomed all over the country, most of them promising bright career prospects and life-changing opportunities. Considering the recent market landscape which is full of new challenges and technological revolutions; the demand for excellent business managers is only increasing by the day. To break conventional methods of work ethos and to withstand fierce competition;...

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May  07

Unknown Facts About Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking, one of the most brilliant theoretical physicist and cosmologist passed away and found his place among the stars on March 14, 2018. But while he lived he made sure that his legacy will be remembered by generations to come. His ground-breaking work in physics and cosmology, and the books that he has written about his work and findings on black holes and the big bang have...

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Feb  26

What is the Difference Between PGDM & MBA? Which is Better PGDM or MBA?

So you dawdle between PGDM & MBA? Not just you, but there are millions who do not know the fine distinction between MBA and PGDM. It simply leaves one in uncertainty which paralyzes them not to know what to choose, MBA or PGDM. Whether it is about opting between a specialized MBA degree or opting for PGDM, the perplexity remains consistent in the psyche of the graduate who has recently given...

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Aug  11

Placements at Suryadatta Group of Institutes

Suryadatta Group of Institutes is known for its excellence in placement records.  We’re known to give our students the path to explore various industries as we invite top notch brands for placement. Suryadatta begins its corporate training right from the beginning since the time student’s start with their program. Students are rigorously trained on various aspects which they are going to...

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Jun  22

Career Opportunities in Finance: What you can do with a Finance Degree

The best things in life may be free, but money powers the world. How do you choose what to invest in? How can you gauge your financial decisions when conditions are constantly changing? These are some of the crucial questions of the finance industry. The three main categories of finance are public, corporate and personal finance. Because most businesses realize the value in mindfully managing...

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Jun  12

Success Stories of Suryans (Suryadatta Stars) in Their Own Words

Who’s making an impact at Suryadatta? “The Suryans” who are Suryadatta Group of Institutes rising stars. Suryadatta’s Suryans makes news around the world. The purpose of these profiles is to offer a career insight to you from the alumni’s who share their Suryadatta experiences and can offer an unbiased viewpoint. Every success story is unique and the possibilities are endless. Our...

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Apr  30

What Are The Career Opportunities Post Interior Designing Course?

A Interior Design Course or degree gives you a range of creative and technical skills, preparing you for a career in Interior Design and for opportunities further field. The opportunities for an Interior Designer are immense. A career is solely driven by passion, most Interior Designers set up their own firm, or they work as an associate with some Architectural or Interior Designing firm. The...

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Apr  14

Why Choose Interior Designing As a Beneficial Career? | Suryadatta Group of Institutes

Some people look for a beautiful place; others make a place look beautiful. Are you one of those who would like to make the best possible use of available space? Then interior designing is the right career for you!   If you are contemplating a fruitful career in Interior Designing Course and you have a love for creating definitive and elegant spaces, it is most advisable to gain practical as...

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Sep  28


The journey of Dabbawalas began started in the year 1890, and later in the year 1956 they got registered as a charitable trust. The employee strength is close to 5000 people, with an average literacy rate of 8th grade. On a daily basis, the Dabbawallas travel anywhere from 60 km-70 km, carrying 2 lakh tiffins and conducting 400, 000 transactions every day, including return. All it takes is about...

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