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Jul  24

MBA in Digital Marketing! Boost your career in the most happening field right now.

Today’s world demands a solid integrated marketing strategy. Online networking sites, Internet advertising, and other technological advances have prompted many businesses to explore digital marketing. People who wish to advance their careers in this field benefit from earning a master’s degree. What is an MBA in Digital Marketing? It is more than just learning the foundations of online...

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Jul  20

Confidence, creativity, courage – how to maximize your MBA

Embarking on an intensive journey for an MBA is demanding across all aspects of your life: intellectually, socially, financially, and personally. How do you balance these demands and make sure you are making the most of your MBA for the best possible experience? The answer is in the question itself: Confidence, creativity and courage. Part of the MBA experience is training you for the tumultuous...

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Jul  18

5 Golden Ways to Achieve Your Goals

If you want to succeed, you need to define your goals. Without goals, you lack focus and become aimless. Goal setting not only allows you to take control of your life’s direction; it also provides you a benchmark for determining whether you are truly succeeding. Think about it: Having crores of rupees in the bank is the only proof of success if one of your goals is to accrue riches. If your...

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