Sep  16

All you need to know about MBA in Operations & Supply Chain Management

Do you want to earn a fortune while producing goods/services? Are you eager to be a leader and build up a steady clientele for the business enterprise you work for? Then MBA in Operations & Supply Chain Management (OSCM) is the first career option you should set your eyes on for pulling off your Master’s degree. What is OSCM? The crux of Operations Management (OM) encompasses designing,...

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May  17

What’s the significance of having a Master Degree in India?

Are you curious to know why a master degree is a key to a bright future? Read on to find out. Due to the increased cut throat competition among potential employees, job hunting has become a mounting task for many people during recent years. Studies have shown that job seekers are diligently equipping themselves with the essential skills to get them a well-paid job and keep them there. In the...

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