Oct  09

Inspiration for the Indian Hockey Team & Bollywood Film Maker, Inspiring Students at Suryadatta Group of Institutes

Life experiences are what teach you to fight and tackle the ups and downs in life. Second chances are only for people who believe in fighting for what they believe is right fully theirs. This is what I understood from the session with Mr. Ranjan Negi. Former Goalkeeper of Indian Hockey team and coach Mr. Ranjan Negi visited the campus of Suryadatta Group of Institutes on September 4th, to share...

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Sep  28


The journey of Dabbawalas began started in the year 1890, and later in the year 1956 they got registered as a charitable trust. The employee strength is close to 5000 people, with an average literacy rate of 8th grade. On a daily basis, the Dabbawallas travel anywhere from 60 km-70 km, carrying 2 lakh tiffins and conducting 400, 000 transactions every day, including return. All it takes is about...

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Sep  26

Multilayer distribution system is a major bottleneck for India

Effective supply chain management is the key to succeed in the corporate scenario, especially in the present economic situation. Every sector including manufacturing, automobile, services etc. Customer wants the quality in both the product and the services at a reasonable price, at the right time and the right place. Today in most sectors, the concept of brand monopoly is history so...

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Aug  23

Suryadatta Group – Enriching Careers and Enhancing Life

Suryadatta Group of Institute caters to a holistic approach to teaching for the past 14 year. Suryadatta Group lays great amount of emphasis upon the student’s intelligence quotient, emotional quotient and spiritual quotient, through a wide array of curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. With a vision to be a world class center of excellence in innovative learning,...

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Jul  02

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start...

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May  15

Dilin Tadı Güzel Sözdedir

  KiÅŸi veya topluluklara hitap etmek zorunda kaldığımızda hepimiz heyecan duyabiliriz. Önemli olan bu heyecanı kontrol edebilme hatta zamanla ortadan kaldırma becerisine ermektir. Bunun için konuÅŸmaya baÅŸlamadan önce derin derin nefes alıp vererek nefes egzersizleri yapmak gerekir. KonuÅŸma esnasında düzenli nefes almak heyecanımızı...

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