All you need to know about MBA in Operations & Supply Chain Management

Do you want to earn a fortune while producing goods/services?

Are you eager to be a leader and build up a steady clientele for the business enterprise you work for?

Then MBA in Operations & Supply Chain Management (OSCM) is the first career option you should set your eyes on for pulling off your Master’s degree.

What is OSCM?

The crux of Operations Management (OM) encompasses designing, executing, and administering the fabrication of various goods and services.

Critical aspects of OM are -

  • Smooth-Functioning processes
  • Market Affordability
  • Technological Innovations
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Quality
  • Customer Support

Supply Chain Management (SCM) is a streamlined process of the planning, control and implementation of the development of a product/service, right from obtaining the raw materials through the production to the distribution and quick delivery to the end-user in a cost-effective way.

Significant features of SCM are -

  • Statistics
  • Suppliers
  • Inventory
  • Distribution
  • Return on products or services

Together, OSCM broadly comprises of techniques used in Production and Services industries. It deals with the efficient conversion of resources and labour into finished goods and services to increase the profitability of an organisation. Supply, Operations, Logistics, and Integration are the crucial elements of OSCM.

The significant tasks of OSCM are:

  • Sourcing
  • Supplies Management
  • Operations Planning
  • Distribution
  • Logistics
  • Retail
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Order Fulfilment
  • Retaining Customer Relations

Scope of MBA in OSCM

An MBA graduate in OSCM plays an integral role in the business practices used in the production and distribution of products across global industries. MBA in OSCM essentially irons out concerns relevant to system strategies, operations, supply, delivery and support when the goods are produced. It offers you expertise in the end-to-end process of developing a finished product along with an in-depth knowledge of logistics and supply chain functions.

This course trains you in several cognitive skills such as process analysis, quality control, product cognisance and customer satisfaction. Subsequently, you can apply for any pertinent role in the manufacturing firm.

You can get exceptional job openings worldwide, depending upon the college you elect to pursue your MBA.

How to select the top MBA Institute?

MBA is an incomparable degree designed to study, analyse and execute scientific approaches to management in several business areas as Finance, Sales, Marketing, HR, Supply Chain and Operations. The significance of your MBA explicitly depends upon the consistency and quality of education accessible to you. Therefore, opting for the first-class institute is an imperative part of your career growth.

Suryadatta Institute of Management & Mass Communication (SIMMC) offers AICTE approved Two Years Full-Time best-suited international MBA program with dual specialisation eligible for Graduates.

SIMMC is a reputed institute under the flagship of Suryadatta Group of Institutes. It tenders a competitive learning atmosphere with outstanding infrastructure and collaborative pedagogy.

Why settle on SIMMC?

SIMMC is an ascribed college that offers superior education and real-life work experience with a mix of Indian ethics. SIMMC motivates students to organise and partake not only in industry-specific events and discussion forums but also in extra-curricular activities, thus turning them into global leaders with promising career prospects.

What are the career opportunities?

Professionals of MBA in OSCM are directly responsible for crafting the end-product and monitoring the company’s long-term performance. Hence, they have an abundance of jobs across global industries such as E-commerce, Retail and Manufacturing or KPOs, Insurance companies, IT, Finance, HR, and Hospitality.

Some of the notable Job titles relevant to this degree are Logistics Manager, Supply Chain Manager, Operations Manager, Consultant etc.

Get a breakthrough business idea by pursuing an MBA in Operations & Supply Chain Management today!

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