8 Tips to Boost your Career with BSc in Fashion Design Course in Pune University

The fashion sector is an ever-growing sector and the demand for latest fashion is always at its peak. Aspirants looking for a bright career in the fashion industry can have a prosperous future; however, it is crucial to consider a strong foundation before being engaged in the industry. The career scope in fashion domain is considerable, and institutions such as Suryadatta Institute of Fashion Technology (SIFT) introduces you with every aspect of the fashion industry so that you can acquire relevant skills to become an established fashion designer.

8 tips to boost your career with BSc. in Fashion Design course at SIFT:

Select the right institute

You need to select the right institution for your foundation in the fashion business. There are diploma and degree courses related to fashion designing offered by numerous institutions. However, choose the one with the professional staff and infrastructure for the subject you want to pursue. With knowledge of the technicalities of fashion designing along with a certified course, you can surely make it big in the fashion domain.

Enhance skills with practical experience

To sharpen your skills and gain practical knowledge on the subject matter, go for internships. It is the best way to develop your skills, and at the same time, it helps in building connections and networks within the industry. SIFT provides the best opportunities for the students of fashion designing to work and conduct their internship with the best organisation and professionals in the fashion industry.

  • Dream of becoming an international fashion designer

With a proper BSc in fashion designing, you can confidently choose to be an international fashion designer. You can work with international brands or create your own by analysing the global fashion trends and incorporating your ideas and creations in it.

Be a fashion expert

The role of fashion expert is to forecast fashion trends and advice fashion houses while buying fabrics and textiles. People would rely on the word that you offer, and hence you need to be spot on with the knowledge of the trending fashion.

Start marketing for fashion products

You can make a fashion trend by marketing your ideas for the latest fashion and even act as a PR specialist for big fashion brands. Influencers are making it big in the industry these days by sharing their knowledge and taste of the fashion. You can get the right kick-start to your career with such a move.

Work as a fashion blogger

Being a fashion blogger is not easy; it requires extensive market research and therefore, you can make the most of it by writing for some of the best fashion magazines and see yourself as a fashion editor.

Become a Style specialist

From clothing to accessories as well as designing events and shows, a fashion designer can have multiple roles to play. You can be a style specialist developing concepts and trends and convince buyers for a particular line of clothing.

Be a fashion market researcher

If you wish to take your fashion skills a step ahead, then you can go for being a fashion market researcher. Work with brands and coordinate with the fashion market with strong analytical skills as well as make strategies to introduce new fashion products.

SIFT is a leading name in the realm of fashion education in Pune. Ranked as “Best Design School in Maharashtra by World Signature Awards 2019, SIFT offers a three-year degree program in Fashion Design affiliated from Savitribai Phule Pune University.

You can explore excellent career prospects with a rigorous and industry-relevant course at SIFT.

Join today and explore the designer within you.

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