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Now-a-days it is very frequently observed that students sign up for higher studies with less interest or take is casually. Moreover, there are very few institutions in India who are giving quality inputs so as to inculcate the learning skills amongst students.

Higher Education System in India compare to developing / developed countries needs substantial improvement. The percentage of students taking higher education is hardly about 13 % whereas the same is varying between 28 to 90 %, across the world. The lowest % being 28 % and the same is as high as 90 % in developed countries.

At one end we claim that India would rank 3rd among all countries by 2020 in education. If we observe overall ranking of relevant institutions it’s seen that in the year 2000, out of 500 there were 2 Indian Universities / Institutes were featured in the list, and 1 institution from China.

Now almost after a decade in 2010 the tables have changed with only 1 institution from India being featured and 32 institutions are featured from China!!

It categorically spells out, how much we are lagging behind in terms of overall % of higher educational institutions, number of students pursuing higher education. We are not only beaten in by the developing and developed countries in terms of GDP, Exchange of foreign currency but also in terms of number of students pursuing higher education..

Budget allocation by Govt. of India as per 2012 plan is about 6 % which is not going to be adequate, and therefore allocation must be made appropriately, i.e. minimum 10 % in order to improve the scenario. Basic education must reach to maximum number of children from different strata of the society so that they are eligible to pursue higher education.

Over and above, institutions must also concentrate on giving away quality inputs to the students. Institutions must look into constantly updating the syllabus in order to help students adapt with the changing market scenario. To start with they can look at making education liberal, introduce new practices & applied research work; updating the course curriculum frequently. If such developments take shape in its true sense in our country students would be attracted to pursue higher education which will in turn fulfill corporate expectations. Efforts should also be taken to guide, mentor students and parents to develop and retain interest amongst students.

In addition to above, curriculum should also include sports, hobby classes, vocational skills development program, employability enhancement & soft skills development programs, entrepreneurship development modules, specialization wise clubs and committees of students, practical assignments related to their field, industry interface related modules such as internships, industry visits, guest lectures / workshops / seminars, participation in summits, management quiz etc.. with evaluation / monitoring system so as to ensure continual improvement in the same..

Special emphasis must be given to communication and presentation skills, especially for students coming from rural background / remote locations and that for students studies in vernacular languages.., so that they can perform well in the corporate world, across the globe.

Institutions should also inculcate multitasking abilities amongst students, foreign languages, advanced IT knowledge so that they can perform better in the chosen field. Student exchange, cultural exchange should be encouraged and various ways and means should be found to enhance students interest level & participation.

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Government should also provide sufficient funds, annual schemes for unaided institution for enhancing overall support. Some specific programs of higher education should be developed for respective sectors, and companies of these sectors must assure employability through internships / projects and final placements for win-win situation.

These are some of the points if we practice in a near future for increasing percentage of students seeking higher education, the scenario will certainly increase., and students in turn will start adding value to the corporate world and towards the growth of our nation in the near future.

Prof. Dr. Sanjay B. Chordiya
Founder President & Chairman
Suryadatta Group of Institutes

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