Hotel Management: Seminar in fruit, vegetable and ice carving…

A local level Seminar on fruit and vegetable carving and ice carving was organized by The Suryadatta College of Hospitality Management, Travel and Tourism, Pune (SCHMTT) in association with the University of Pune under its Quality Improvement Program.

Presentation is an integral dimension in the service of Food & Beverage. The Seminar on ‘fruit and vegetable carving and Ice Carving’ has been organized to enhance the technical skills of the students and thus increase their credibility in the Hospitality Sector.

The Fruit and vegetable carving session was conducted by Mr Kuldeep Patil , Executive Chef of the Citrus Hotel ,Pune. Chef Kuldeep has 17 years of experience in the Hospitality Industry. An accomplished Chef with a strong combination of Culinary experience and management skills, he has worked with the Le Meridien and Taj brands in India and also with the Disney Cruise lines and restaurants in the U.A.E .

He demonstrated to the participants how to carve the vegetables and fruits into beautiful shapes which could be used to decorate dishes and buffet presentations. A watermelon was carved into a rose, an apple into a duck, and carrots and spring onions were cut into flower shapes.

Chef Kuldeep also taught the participants how to make eight types of exotic salads. This was actually an interactive session as the participants were divided into 8 groups and Chef Kuldeep guided each group through the preparation of the salad and the final presentation.
The participants really enjoyed the sessions and were happy with the new skills and recipes they had learnt.

The Ice carving session was held post lunch. Mr Pise , an expert in ice carving demonstrated how to carve a ‘swan’ out of a block of ice. He explained this was a skill that required many hours of practice but the end result was definitely worth all the time and effort.

The students seminar was appreciated and was also informative and educative for students at the Institute.


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