5 reasons why Internships are necessary during college time

‘The only source of knowledge is experience’- Albert Einstein

The above quote very well resonates with the significance of internships in the life of college aspirants.

It won’t be superfluous to say that internships are synonymous to experience.

You might be wondering why…

We all know that in today’s competitive world, employers solely rely on the resumes thatdefine your relevant work history, it might be about your internships or actual job experience.

Thus, having an appropriate work history can ensure a meaningful position in the corporate world and can fetch a handsome salary package.

And, internships lie midway of the journey, providing real-life situational experience to the candidates for a sound understanding of the corporate world before they actually land there.

Internships magnify the chances of deriving the expected value of your degree from college time. It is one of those pillars that strengthen the base of any students in their early times.

Let’s explore the concept in detail.


1. Offer a platform to gain valuable work experience: Internships are the best means of taking a sneak peek into the industry happenings. You get the chance to work in the industry of your choice with experts and mentors. This is an exceptional experience where you are encouraged to learn and solve real business problems. The experience earned here is highly beneficial at the job you take after finishing the degree.

2. Give an opportunity to test the waters: Internships allow you to find the best career path. Being a part of corporate culture, it is plausible to explore your strengths, weaknesses, potential and interests. After having the valuable experience, you find yourself in a better position to make realistic decisions.

3. Imparts a superior edge to the candidates: Internships build your resume. You not only gain work experience but also earn the confidence to face the challenges. And when it comes to facing an interview, employers can visualize your understanding of business. This invariably imparts you with a competitive edge as compared to your counterparts, thereby increasing your chances to grab attractive job offers.

4. Facilitates in creating a skill inventory: Internships are like challenges. You come to know about your skills and deficiencies. Once you go back to college, you have a clear understanding of your skill catalogue. You have a list of skills, which you want to work upon to improve your performance as a business professional.

5. Helps in building a professional network:This is one of the most rewarded benefits of internships. You meet real heroes, leaders, performers, experts, mentors and managers who add to your professional network. Ultimately, you end up with a secure network of talented people who will help you in getting work and projects in the future. These are the people whose word of mouth publicity can build your career.

A well-chosen internship cultivates your personality and grooms your career prospects. You become apt and suitable for corporate culture.

However, at the same time, it is equally important to choose the company wisely for an internship. Business institutes catalyze your chances of getting into reputed companies as interns.

Furthermore, it becomes more prominent for employers to hire you for a full-time position. This is so because they know about your efficiencies and work style.

At Suryadatta Group of Institutes, we understand that internships are the building block for your career. Hence, we offer our students additional assistance in completing their internship efficiently. Many reputed personalities from organizations, like, Tata Group, Abhi Group of Company, Credit Suisse, etc. are on our list of the corporate advisory board. Our Rubicon’s “Connect with work” program improves your employability skills, which are supported by Barclays. We also conduct various live projects which make us an institute with a strong industry connection.

So, next time when you are on your semester break, you might want to consider involving yourself in a meaningful internship and build your future.

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