5 things you should look for in your Dream College

Searching for the best college to spend your career’s precious 4 years (or more)? At this point of time, you might be overwhelmed by looking at the number of colleges available. Well, it is quite obvious to get bogged at your age.

So, what can help?

For this, you have to be very specific about your interests. Yes, this can be your first step to get into your dream college. Then comes the location where you would like to shift for your higher education, and the last one would be the stream which you would like to pursue.

The above three are the concrete deciding factors, knowing which you will be halfway there.

Now before mentioning the lists, we would like to say that there is no magic formula to get into your dream college, rather it’s your priorities that make a college your dream college. So, try choosing a college that closely fits what you want out of it as your college experience.

Now without wasting any time, let’s check the points which you can consider while finding your dream college.

5 things you should look for in your Dream College

1. Legacy&Affiliations

The college legacy can play a vital role in choosing the best college for you. Considering the legacy will show a college’s consistency in the education world. This will create a trust that their good work in the academic world has allowed it to come so far. Talking about trust and ignoring college affiliations can be a bad idea. So, make sure that the college you choose is affiliated to any government body. You must also check out the college’s awards section.

2. Financial aid

Here comes another point that can be a deciding factor for you. Many colleges give scholarships to the merit students. If you fall under that criterion, you can have a word with the college authority about the financial aid available. This doesn’t mean that you can expect to nullify your entire tuition fees, but you can expect a certain amount of fee concession.

3. Engaging curriculum

Having an engaging curriculum doesn’t mean that it needs to be gimmicky. This means that their curriculum should have subjects of your interest. Well, many colleges offer elective courses that can be of your interest. Learning a curriculum of your interest can make it an engaging curriculum. For this, you must carefully go through the curriculum offered by that particular institute.

4. Internship & research opportunities

Having hands-on experience can be your magic wand to enter into the corporate world. Many renowned organizations wish to hire candidates with an internship background. So we suggest looking for such colleges or institutes that can offer you internship opportunities. By joining such an institute, you will learn under the guidance of highly skilled professionals who can help you in research works and getting real-time experience.

5. On-campus & Off-campus activities

A college greatly involved in on-campus & off-campus activities are concerned about the holistic development of their students at three different levels which are: individual student level, institutional level, and the broader community level. Thus, it plays a key role in the personality development of every aspirant. It has been observed that being a part of on-campus & off-campus activities positively impact students’ social, emotional, intellectual, and interpersonal development.

If we talk about Suryadatta Group of Institutes, we organize many such activities to upgrade our students’ inter-personal development.

Under on-campus activities we organize:

  • La Classé Annual Runway Show 2020 – Fashion Show
  • Cultural events
  • Sports activity

And more…

Under off-campus activities we organize:

  • Students participated in a fitness program called “Suryadatta-Silent Hillathon-2019”.
  • Students participated in the Pune marathon
  • Organized rally to make people aware of the free #MedicalCheckupCamp

And more…


We know that many of you haven’t thought in this direction, but now we are quite sure that you will get the head start to search for your dream college.

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