Inspiration for the Indian Hockey Team & Bollywood Film Maker, Inspiring Students at Suryadatta Group of Institutes

Life experiences are what teach you to fight and tackle the ups and downs in life. Second chances are only for people who believe in fighting for what they believe is right fully theirs. This is what I understood from the session with Mr. Ranjan Negi.

Former Goalkeeper of Indian Hockey team and coach Mr. Ranjan Negi visited the campus of Suryadatta Group of Institutes on September 4th, to share his real life experiences and to teach the lessons of life through one act play. Introduced by Suryadatta Group of Institutes, the event observed an attendance of 750 students who showered him with questions on overcoming the ups and downs in his career and how he became the part of the development of Bollywood film, Chak De India.

The session was divided into two half. The first was where Mr. Ranjan Negi expressed his experiences through his one act play. Watching the one act play reminded of the proverb Actions speak louder than words. The emotions expressed through the one act play were so true that we ourselves could experience the pain and the trauma as if it was us in place of Mr. Negi. The incident of being wrongly accused for match fixing has left him shattered for many years. Even though it turned his life upside down, he had never given up hope. He graciously resolved the issues and came out successful and relieved of his when he coached the Indian Hockey team. The revelation moment was when the team won the gold medal in the 1998 Asian Games, under the training and mentorship of Mir Ranjan Negi. This occasion offered him a new lease of life.

Mr. Negi shared, It was sheer love of the game and my mother’s wish that made me take up the game with such gusto. Whenever, life takes a setback, it pushes me to try a lot harder to prove myself. He urged students of Suryadatta Group of Institutes to take their lives ahead with equal hard work and passion and most important of all not let setbacks take a beating. Work extra hard and let your work speak for you. He stressed on the point nothing in life I achieved without pain and to achieve greatness it’s necessary not to lose hope and overcome our fears.

The event concluded with Professor Sanjay Chordiya, Chairman of Suryadatta Group of Institutes, explaining the objective behind such face to face interactions with achievers like Mr. Mir Ranjan Negi. Students need to learn that it’s the dedication and the commitments that led most individuals to inspire and lead others.

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