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Suryadatta Group of Institute caters to a holistic approach to teaching for the past 14 year. Suryadatta Group lays great amount of emphasis upon the student’s intelligence quotient, emotional quotient and spiritual quotient, through a wide array of curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. With a vision to be a world class center of excellence in innovative learning, Suryadatta has brought in significant change. We have achieved this by combining the best of Indian sensibilities with a western outlook. It aims to be rated amongst the premier education institute, offering contemporary education, using state-of-the art technology, spearheading high quality research.

To match up with the pace of the demanding and competitive market Suryadatta Group of Institutes Pune has come up with the concept of “Residential Day Boarding Finishing ‘B’ School’. This concept offers Holistic Development of students in order to create outstanding professionals to stand out in the globally competitive environment. +

Few other key factors

Rigorous Academic Input- Developing Learning Skills: To improve analytical abilities of the students to help them channelize their thoughts and actions we have introduced subjects like Publication Analysis & Comprehension, Foreign Languages, and Managing Leadership through India Wisdom. This is a part of the student curriculum which has been effective and has helped students in understanding and analyzing industry issues and providing solutions.

Practical Exposure through field work & mini projects: We believe that industry exposure and experience is an equally important for a grooming of students to meet industry expectations. Thus each semester is a mix of classroom studies, industry visits and internships, live projects, industry interaction, etc.

Career counseling, mentorship and Blue chip Placements: Key members of the organization comprising Senior Directors, Professors including the top Management authorities are involved in guiding, mentoring and counseling students on academic and personal topics as well. For co-curricular development, mentors from industries are appointed.

Nurture Independence both in Action & Thought: Theory knowledge provided in a class room does not serve the purpose when it comes to standing out in a crowd. Project in every semester, preparation of company/product to profile nurture independence in thoughts of students. Relevant guidance is given to them by project guides, but students has to virtually establish a company, float new products, prepare business plans – these activities helps to inculcate independence in their actions and though during the students life only.

Entrepreneurship development through incubation center: Today more and more youngster are looking forward becoming entrepreneurs. Institute has established an Entrepreneurship development cell within the institutions which is lead and guided by a senior team of faculty. They help students in various relevant projects, guide them to do these projects and monitor their progress at every level. These projects help students in building expertise and understanding key elements of strategy making, problem solving, contributing to the business growth and other essential parameters.

Mind & Body fitness through yoga, aerobics indoor & outdoor games: Hard work needs supporting energy and motivation to perform ample activities listed above. Gymnasium & yoga facility is extended to the students with a trained coach for physical fitness. Not only that, students have to mandatorily participate in any one of the value added activities such as Performing arts / fitness / Aerobic Gym / Indoor- Outdoor Sports etc.. so as to take care of their hobbies in a hectic schedule of 14 hours. In addition to it, students are provided with tips on Image building as well. According to the specializations, clubs such as Editorial club, Finance club, IT club etc are formed and students have to be part of at least one club.

Mandatory Activities: (Reflection): Students will have to write on daily basis, summary of all the classes (subject-wise) from 9 to 11 pm and submit it to respective faculty on the next day for evaluation. This method ensures understanding of subjects, timely preparation and also inculcates habit of regular studies, review and analysis on regular basis.

Value based career to live happily, successfully & completely: Suryadatta Group of Institutes strives hard towards creating human centered development and building knowledge-centered society by operating with the spirit of humanity, liberty, integrity, responsibility & togetherness. Suryadatta strongly subscribes to the belief that spiritual instinct is the source of moral and human values. It inculcates social, spiritual and ethical values of life into the student’s daily routine, hence building a strong value system at an evolving age.

To accommodate all these activities under one roof, Suryadatta has created state-of-the art world class infrastructural facilities.  The Institute is spread across four campuses in Pune. The new Chandni Chowk campus, with 2 lakh sq. ft lush green environment has all the required modern infrastructural facilities like classrooms equipped with modern teaching aids, tutorial rooms for presentations, well facilitated computer labs and knowledge centers. Suryadatta’s seminar halls / conference hall / auditorium / amphitheater are facilitated with the latest audio visual technology. The hallmark of the campus is the serene atmosphere which is conductive for creative and intellectual pursuits, and much eco-friendly.

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