The experiential learning environment at Suryadatta Group of Institutes

In the past few years, the education sector has seen an escalating change when it comes to adopting the latest pedagogies. Such a change encouraged institutes and colleges to be open for accepting different teaching approaches, broaden their teaching methodologies, adopting an experiential learning environment, and more.

But Wait. What’s the term experiential learning?

Wikipedia defines the term ‘experiential learning’ as:

Experiential learning, also known as (EXL) is the process of learning through experience, and is more specifically defined as “learning through reflection on doing”.

When an institute focuses on adopting experiential learning, they target developing aspirants’ knowledge, understandings, skills, perspectives, and attitudes through the analysis of and reflection on activities.

At Suryadatta Group of Institutes (SGI), we are always looking forward to adopting new changes in our teaching methodologies. Because we believe in providing our students with the right learning environment to renew their learning interest. Hence, we provide you with the best experiential learning environment.

So, how we do that?

Let’s check out below and find the answer to how.

Experiential Learning Environment at Suryadatta Group of Institutes (SGI)

At Suryadatta Group of Institutes (SGI), we develop an interactive learning environment in our theoretical approach and combine it with hands-on experiments by allowing our students to get the real-time experience.

For this, we have defined sectors like:

  • Forums
  • Cells
  • Clubs

Under which we organize related activities and encourage the active participation of our students and faculty members.

Here’s the list of activities organized by Suryadatta Group of Institutes:

Unique Events

  • 25 Hours Kavyathon

It was a unique Patriotic initiative of 25 hours of relay singing of Patriotic Songs & Poems. On the eve of our country’s 73rd Independence Day, we created history by organizing a remarkable and exceptional event, KAVYATHON. For this, we got our name registered in the Golden Book of World Record.

  • 1100 Tulsi Plantation

To share the message of patriotism & environment wellness among the citizens, we had organized a special program. Our students took the initiative to line the border of the Indian Map with 1100 saplings of the holy basil (Tulsi) in just 30 minutes.

Global Immersion program

As a part of the Global Immersion Program, the PGDM students of SIMMC visited Singapore. This study tour was 4 weeks of an internship opportunity with Singapore based start-ups. Students were part of 3 weeks virtual internship in India & 1 week in their respective offices in Singapore. Also, our students were awarded a certificate from the company.

Outbound training program

Under outbound training programs, we organize activities where our students are taken out of the college campus to practice experiential learning l in the form of rallies, organizing social activities.

Global Expo-Company Analysis

Suryadatta Institute of Management & Mass Communication had conducted a Global Expo for the students. This event was graced by 2 eminent personalities from Japan. 23 groups with 5 members had shown a great team-building & teamwork activity through exhibition; representing different foreign country’s uniqueness.

State Expo-Company Analysis

SGI’s State Expo was a creative exhibition presented by our students & faculty members to showcase the cultural, socio-economic, food habitats, etc. of different states in India.

Mega Expo-Company Analysis

In order to help our students get hands-on management expertise from well-established companies, we had organized Mega Expo-Company Analysis. Our students had done detailed research on the various brands’ success stories, path holes faced, downfall, strategies, etc.


Suryadatta Group of Institutes aims to mold our students into an adept professional steeped in rich values through a holistic approach to teaching methodologies designed by Industry Experts. By supporting experiential learning, we make sure that our students come out of their comfort zones.

Experiential learning complements our classroom learning process.

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