5 Reasons to do MBA in Business Analytics

Are you ready to be more than an MBA graduate and understand the science behind intelligent decision making?

Do you want to be the one who can understand analytics and has familiarity with data science as well?

Do you want to help the company in gaining insight to their business based on data and statistics that drive business planning?

Then an MBA in Business Analytics is the best choice to acquire knowledge on different analytical tools available for generating business intelligence and support different functional department of the company along with a boost to your career.

What is MBA in Business Analytics?

Business Analytics is a new buzzword in the corporate world which refers to the processes and techniques which convert data into knowledge and helps in business decisions. Data is a corporate asset for all data-driven companies. These companies actively look for options that can help them to convert these data into actionable insights for competitive advantage.

Suryadatta Institute of Business Management and Technology (SIBMT) is the leading institute that offers an MBA in Business Analytics, a two years course approved by AICTE in Pune, Maharashtra. The course includes Data Mining; Advanced Statistical Methods using R; Networks, Innovation and Value creation; and many elective courses related to different industry domain.

MBA in Business Analytics from SIBMT is contemporary postgraduate degree with significant thrust on Business Analytics. Alternatively, it means that you are business administration professional first with a full understanding of data analytical tools. SIBMT ensures that its graduates hold a competitive advantage over their peers.

5 Reasons to do MBA in Business Analytics

The companies are keen to fill their global positions for MBA graduates who can understand the science behind their decision making. They are looking for professionals who understand analytical tools. Let’s discuss reasons to do an MBA in Business Analytics:

  • Make sense to both Business and IT –Business Analysts not only use their processes and techniques to spot trends in the market but also able to present the same in a personalised, meaningful manner for business and IT consumption of the company.
  • Productivity –MBA in Business Analytics helps in creating and improving productivity at the workplace. It provides the scope of learning the latest industry trends along with creating new solutions.
  • Expansion of roles –MBA in Business analytics revolves around sophisticated tools. The purpose of a business analyst is fast-changing by blurring the line between the Data Scientist and Business Analyst day by day.
  • Bright Career opportunities – Career in business analysis can be an excellent opportunity for those who have an idea of evaluation and analysing of data; developing solutions; handling a team while shining at IT. Many leading financial institutions to consultancies require business analyst professionals. Few of the prominent companies are Wipro, IBM, TCS and Deloitte.
  • Smarter Strategies – It is essential for an organisation to have employees who can create medium- and long-term strategies. Analytics gives the tools to formulate and execute plans for improving all aspects of business operations.

Harness the power of big data by studying MBA Business Analytics course at SIBMT.

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