Job Opportunities after MBA in Rural Agribusiness Management

“Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”

-Warren Buffett

Undoubtedly, every economy depends on agriculture for the fulfilment of its basic needs. In a progressive country like India, agribusiness fetches bread and butter for millions of households. Moreover, the advent of tech-based intelligent solutions has improvised the agricultural output manifolds, thus making the industry highly competitive and prone to advancements.

Thus, this field provides lucrative opportunities to agribusiness managers who are technically adept at innovating and experimenting in agribusiness in India to make it globally competitive while at the same time ensuring that agricultural output is managed, stored and distributed efficiently.

Why is Agribusiness management needed?

Gone are the days when agricultural products reached out to the customers through several phases. Now is the dominance of the advanced marketing strategies that link them with better infrastructure and sophisticated agribusiness and rural management.

A degree of MBA in Rural and Agribusiness management will allow you to grasp the knowledge of marketing and financing strategies so that you can plan towards increasing the overall agri-productivity and commercially promoting agriculture activity.

Career opportunities in Private sectors

A lot of companies in the private sector are looking for MBA graduates in Rural and Agribusiness management. One can assume the role of Marketing Manager, Agricultural Analyst, Quality Controller, Land Appraiser, Accounting Manager, Energy Consultant and Research Analyst with reputed firms. Additionally, you can explore a wide range of career options in food retailing sectors. If you wish to go for pursuing a career in MBA, explore Suryadatta Institute of Management and Mass Communication. SIMMC is a reputed institute that offers management program in the said domain with a contemporary curriculum.

Career opportunities in Government sectors

After completing MBA in Rural and Agribusiness, there are opportunities in the government sector too. There are a wide range of fields concerning the development of agriculture; thus demanding graduates for the respective field. Government organizations like Food Corporation of India (FCI), National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) offer job opportunities for several managerial positions.

What about a career in abroad?

Countries are progressing while blending the technology in agriculture to improve the quality and quantity of yield. Agriculture is the bottom line; thus always needs competent professionals who can serve economies with their smart plans. An MBA in Rural and Agribusiness management can easily find jobs in countries like US and UK. Many multinational companies are working in this direction and seeking management graduates with required skill set.

You can also partner in the progress of the economy and bring smiles on millions of faces by pursuing an MBA in Rural and Agribusiness management.

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