Why Are Industrial Visits Important for Management Students?

Albert Einstein said, “The only source of knowledge is experience.”

Students need a practical overview of the field of study they are pursuing. We often encounter the fact that big industries demand useful insight from students before hiring them in the relevant area. In the case of the management studies, the need for industrial visits is immense as management professionals require extensive practical knowledge, which in turn helps them to perform better while operating in real-life scenarios. Industrial visits are a potential source of experience as they impart detailed information and structure of the work processes in different industrial domains.

Let’s comprehend the importance of industrial visits for management students.

Proper grooming of the students

Visiting industrial sites is a crucial activity for grooming the students in detailed as well as minute technicalities of the management process. It facilitates their personal development as students learn interpersonal skills along with technical specifications relevant to that field. Industrial visits are an integral part of the PGDM and MBA curriculum at Suryadatta Institute of Management and Mass Communication (SIMMC) where students are given a plethora of opportunities to learn from industry experts.

A detailed comprehension of the management concepts

Industrial visits provide a highly engaging learning platform for management students. They can visualise how management principles and theories are implemented in the industrial context and get a better grasp on the subject matter. Considering the immense potential of these visits, SIMMC has made it a compulsory part of the management studies. SIMMC works strenuously in collaboration with industry veterans to bring such opportunities onboard.

Broadens the outlook

Industrial visits provide a multitude of benefits. Professionals believe that as management students interact with experts and specialists in the industry, they come to know about what is prevalent in the industry and how latest advancements are affecting their modus operandi. This helps in broadening their outlook while enabling them to make an informed decision about their career stream. At SIMMC, we appreciate that the opportunity for practical learning is of great significance for the students as they compete in a volatile external environment. The primary objective of SIMMC is to empower the students and make them ready to excel in real work process with proper know-how and efficiency.

If you are aspiring to make your career in the field of management, come and fulfil your dreams with the right guidance and strong support from the eminent faculty at Suryadatta Institute of Management and Mass Communication.

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