Flexibleand Part-time Courses in Suryadatta Group of Institute

Study in your own way

There are so many variables – it’s all about studying in a way that suits you. The best thing about part-time study is that you have more time for individual modules and a little less stress and pressure.

Our part-time programs offer a more flexible way to study for a diploma degree at Suryadatta – meaning you can fit your studies around your career and other commitments.Part-time study can be ideal for those who are looking to gain a qualification without leaving employment and wish to develop their careers while they continue earning; or for those who are home-based for whatever reason and wish to develop their skills.Part-time degrees are particularly good for those looking to undertake research in an area related to their current professional environment and many part-time researchers choose to focus on professional and work-related topics in their research.You can choose the course search listed here to view courses that are offered part-time.Studying at Suryadatta on a part-time basis can help you improve your career prospects by gaining qualifications without compromising your personal commitments.

Why should you study part-time?

Part-time study can be especially attractive to people who need to combine their study with work or family commitments (and sometimes both) and part-time study is more convenient for people who need this balance. Others may choose part-time study for financial reasons as it allows them to continue working and finance their studies as they go along.

Part-time study is particularly useful if you:

  • Want to continue working and study at the same time allowing you to better finance your studies
  • Want to combine study with work or family commitments
  • Are unemployed and looking to the future
  • Wish to use your study to enhance your existing career
  • Are looking to change your professional direction
  • Have studied at the University previously and want to complete your degree


What qualifications do you need?

To gain entry to the University, it is important you meet our standard published entry requirements. It is expected that applicants to part-time study will meet the same entry requirements that are required for full-time entry.  However, there may be the possibility of qualifying for an adjusted offer if you meet certain criteria in line with the University’s widening participation objectives. To find out if you are eligible for a pre-entry program and discover what adjusted entry requirements might mean for you, including an overall adjusted offer, visit www.suryadatta.org

What is the duration to complete the course?

The length of time it takes to complete your degree is primarily 2 months. It can be very flexible since we do not stipulate how long you should take to complete your course.

More and more people are committing to part-time study and those who do find that they improve not only their qualifications and job prospects but also gain confidence, experience a sense of achievement and, not least make many new friends.

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