5 Reasons To Do A PGDM Course from Suryadatta Institute of Management & Mass Communication (SIMMC)

Today, the market demands business leaders to be armed with thought-leadership and a comprehensive understanding of working of the business world. Emerging trends and innovative approaches to business management have put an extra pressure on business leaders to perform and deliver results. In addition, technology has drastically changed the way business is done today, urging future business leaders to be equipped with a combination of deep know-how of business, technology, quick decision-making strengths and risk-taking capabilities in the face of tough competition. In the given scenario, the need for more holistic, quality education in business management has become mandatory. While MBA might be the most pursued program; PGDM programs are gaining better job prospects, and perhaps becoming the most sought-after degrees not only in India but globally.

PGDM (Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management) from Suryadatta Institute of Management & Mass Communication (SIMMC) imbibes the right flexibility to include new trends in business education while building upon the already existing and acceptable fundamentals of business education. PGDM course can offer several benefits that one can think of, and here are top 5 reasons to do a PGDM course for a promising career in business management.

  • AICTE approved PGDM

The PGDM course from Suryadatta Group of Institutes (SGI) is approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), making it one of the most eligible courses in business management. The syllabus is completely industry centric, wherein students get the opportunity to learn the key concepts in entrepreneurship.

  • Dual Specializations

A very unique program specialization is offered by SGI keeping in mind a wide-ranging nature of business education. The dual specializations offered such as PGDM in Finance and Marketing, PGDM in Marketing and International business, PGDM in Human Resource and International Business, PGDM in Marketing and Information Technology provides the best combinations to complement the basic degrees pursued by students. These dual specializations have been designed taking into consideration the all-inclusive needs of practical business implementations in various industries today. Dual degree adds dual power to knowledge and exposure to all possible unpredictable challenges that can arise. Therefore a PGDM with dual specializations can prepare the candidates for a high-ranking career as well as enhancing their employability.

  • Valuable Sectoral Electives Programs-

SGI offers industry-integrated syllabus for PGDM which is directed toward an overall development of students with a lot of flexibility to choose from a variety of combinations. To make students industry-ready and give them more specific and in-depth knowledge, SGI offers sectoral-electives program. Approved by the AICTE; this initiative adds value to the existing PGDM course. A PGDM course with sectoral electives as a choice can give more clarity in terms of career objectives. PGDM in Rural and Agri-Business, PGDM in Pharma and Healthcare, PGDM in Tourism and Hospitality, PGDM in Banking and Insurance are some of the options offered by SGI.

  • Corporate Ready Curriculum structure –

PGDM offers a holistic curriculum that aims to prepare students for the challenges and roadblocks in the real business world. Not restricting to classroom-bound academic lectures; the PGDM course gives exposure to real-world business challenges and can encourage out-of-the-box-ideas with an edge of innovative brilliance. This prepares students to solve crucial business problems with the right approach and a thorough understanding of the dynamics of the corporate world.

  • Opportunities-

Business management programs that are aligned with implementation of knowledge in real-world scenarios can give students more confidence. The placement-cell at SGI offers ample opportunities to students to get best-salaried and highly challenging jobs in the world of business. SGI’s PGDM courses are designed for performance-based evaluation, preparing students to develop and harbour a go-getter, risk-taking attitude, having a great impact on their career.

When you choose to pursue PGDM at SGI, you are stepping on the right path that would take you to  the right career. We have paved a  way for students who are seeking more than just basic business management skills, offering a platform for overall personality development. Our practice-based PGDM programmes are developed by leading business academics which will take you to the next level.

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