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Dr S Ramachandran, Director SIMMC PGDM

Dr S Ramachandran, Director SIMMC PGDM

Dr S Ramachandran

Over the last decade, technological advancements have transformed business and industry to a great extent. The needs of modern workplaces have also become more advanced and technologically driven. Virtual offices are reality today. And more and more employers are now looking to hire talent in leadership and management roles with updated technological skills. 21st century skill sets is the buzz word in the corporate market wherein, employees lose their jobs because of lack of these skill sets. The pandemic situation has made virtual working a reality and the work ethics, culture and process of work has undergone dramatic change and people have smoothly adapted to this new normal.

21st century skill sets include Critical thinking, problem solving, reasoning, interpretation, synthesizing information, research skills and practices, creativity, innovation, personal expression, perseverance, self-discipline, adaptability, initiative, oral and written communication, public speaking and presenting, listening, leadership, teamwork, collaboration, ICT literacy, media and internet literacy, civic, ethical & social justice literacy, economic & financial literacy, entrepreneurialism, Global awareness, multicultural literacy, humanitarianism, environmental & conservation literacy, health & wellness literacy, public, health & safety etc.

Government of India’s National Education Policy has also given good significance to inculcate these 21st century skill sets among the students from their early childhood days. Teach the students, the most relevant, useful, in-demand and universally applicable skills to make them employable, and most importantly, enjoy their career. The words, multilingualism, importance to physical education, arts & crafts, vocational skills, art integrated education, cognitive learning, inquiry/ discovery-based learning, AI, design thinking, holistic health, organic living, environment education, global citizenship education find important place in the NEP.

The market place has become more complex, tech-driven, highly competitive and knowledge-based. Institutions play a pivotal role in grooming their student’s corporate-ready by understanding the innate qualities of the students during admissions, mentoring and grooming the students to enhance their skill sets and take their dream job as their career.

It is a common dream of every graduate to pursue PGDM to get his dream job/career. PGDM is considered as one of the most premier degree program, which elevates the job opportunities of the students. PGDM is also considered as a program which gives the learners more practical way of learning that theoretical.  PGDM certifications are more industry-relevant as their curriculum is on the flexible side. A PGDM candidate directly lands on managerial roles in an organization.

Corporates hire PGDM students taking into consideration that the students are trained in the changes happening in the business environment and they can be put to work as soon as they graduate. Corporates are greatly involved in sketching out the syllabus and curriculum of PGDM students and adequate corporate exposure is provided to the students during their period of study interms of industrial/corporate visits, internships, placements, on-the-job training etc. PGDM students are also involved in consultancy activities by the corporates. A 360 degree training approach is mapped out by the leading business schools to ensure that the students pursuing PGDM program get multiple placement opportunities in his final semester and placed with high package in leading corporates.

A lot of working professionals and students prefer to do a PGDM program as the course curriculum is sketched in such a way that it sharpen’s the students mind to tackle the daily obstacles that are being faced in their workplace. Working professionals with MBA also take up PGDM programs to perform better in their workplace and to get a good salary hike.

Suryadatta Group of Institutes is one of the premier institution in India offering PGDM program under the aegis of AICTE and DTE, Government of Maharashtra, for close to a decade. The advisory board of members for this program includes eminent CEOs, Entrepreneurs, distinguished globally acclaimedpersonalities from various domains and disciplines etc. who constantly share their knowledge and expertise with the students. PGDM at Suryadatta teaches the experiential learning aspect of managing business and focusses on real world businesses simulations to provide better understanding of the corporate world.

Holistic development and delivery of a transformative learning experience of the learner is the hallmark of education at Suryadatta. The academic, professional and personal growth of the students is ensured through multiple interventions such as robust academic inputs, blended learning through MOOCs, Knowledge Management series, Live Projects, Summer Internship Programs, Seminars, Guest lectures, Industry visits, International study tours as well as Personality Development, Business Communication and grooming sessions.

Suryadatta has a robust ecosystem of renowned and acclaimed academic partners in the form of Harvard Business School, Harvard Publishing, IIMBx, All India Management Association -AIMA, Lincoln University -Malaysia, TCS iON, RoundGlasswell being, Cambridge Business English, SAP, Dr APJ Kalam Trust, CIMSME, Bada Business, Association of Internal Control Practitioners –UK, Risk Management Association of India etc., taking learning beyond the classroom and making it more socially relevant in terms of more touch points on the field with local and global immersion programmes and a wider adoption of digital learning in line with the expectations of the student community and the probable workplace of the future. Suryadatta has set up Industry 4.0 Innovation lab to promote creativity and kindle the entrepreneurial spirit and encourage start ups.

To know more about Suryadatta, kindly visit http://www.simmcpgdm.org.

The scope of PGDM is amazing. Best jobs, best career opportunities in all sectors, prominent positions in global corporates, and best way to learn entrepreneurship. Rightly said, ‘PGDM program opens up astonishing avenues for career growth and development in the international arena’.

For admissions and eligibility : Call on 8956932418 / 7262011336 / 9763266829

For Career Guidance : SMS name and course on 9881490036

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