Blindness as Blessing – Suryadatta Students Share Their Experiences of Being a Part of the Unique Blindfold Initiative

It’s always easy to talk and sympathies over someone else’s inabilities or disabilities but things are different when we get into their world. The one day activity to most Suryadatta students was experience of a lifetime and taught them things that can be learned only through experience and not just observation. The response from students and participation from renowned personalities of the society resulted in 240 students at Suryadatta Group creating a World Record with this initiative.

Key note speaker at the initiative Unfold the Blindfold Shri Mangesh Tendulkar famous Marathi literature laureate and cartoonist of International repute inspired the students to draw his sketch based on imagination and was surprised at the near perfect picture that the students who were blindfolded drew. Pollution problems in Pune, was another theme that he gave the students to draw. Addressing the students he said, One should never consider blind people inferior because they are capable of achieving what a normal person can achieve. He also praised the institute for organizing such a wonderful activity.

Guest Testimonials

Savitaben Rathi shared insights about how spirituality and meditation are important for keeping oneself calm and composed and how it can help students to enhance and excel in their academic performance.

Dr Deepak Shikarpur, well known IT professional said that such initiatives will go a long way in the overall development of students and help them to be empathetic and caring in their life.

Dr. Meena Naik, a learned and famous personality in medical science, confessed that she had come to know about this unique event and therefore gave surprise visit to witness the event. While talking to the students she advised them to ever store, share and immolate the learnings the participants have gained through this path breaking initiative of SGI. She expressed her appreciation of Suryadatta and organizing such events which edu-socio as well as knowledge management programs. She told Dr. Chordiya that this indeed is a journey for the students from darkness to light.

Padma Shri Dr Niranjan Pandya, President, Poona Blind Men’s Association who presided the valedictory function praised the institute for undertaking this activity. He said, I would like to thank Prof Chordiya and his team for organizing a wonderful initiative which is unique and being held for the first time. This activity will help in building confidence in the minds of the students and also inculcate a sense of caring, sharing and bonding and the participants will now definitely be more sensitive to the problems faced by blind people. I look forward for such activities to be conducted every year.

Student testimonials

Mr. Teklal Sharma, one of the student who had participated said, “I was very nervous initially but slowly started gaining confidence and it helped me to understand the bonding factor and how better we can perform as a team. This activity has definitely helped me to enhance my confidence level and I consider myself lucky to be a part of this wonderful initiative. I would also like to thank all the professors including our Chairman who were constantly besides us cheering and motivating us all throughout the day.

Ms. Nisha Kumari, Megha Sharma and Sunitakumari were unanimous in voicing their feelings, saying that not only we understood the importance of God’s gift i.e. our eyes but we realized the importance of team building, laying trust with each other. The event has taught us things like looking beyond self, made us more aware of social responsibilities and many more management principals and techniques which we never would had learnt in the books or class rooms.

Mr. Aroop Dutta, Pervez ad Mr. Sohrab Kakkar (an Afghanistan National studying in Suryadatta) said that this event was not of blindfolding the eyes but opening of the eyes. It indeed opened our inner eyesight and now as transformed personalities and better Human beings we pledge to do positive and creative deeds such as meditation, reflection or retrospection at the end of the day etc.. as our regular routine.

Ms. Ankita Srivastava opined that she has emerged as a better co-coordinator after the event. She also said that now she has gained a self confidence and stage fright has become a thing of past for her. She has acquired the skill of listening in  a better way to understand other person’s point of view and thereby she has successfully enhanced her endurance capability.

Mr. Manoj Kumar who played his dholak and mesmerized the audience with blindfold on his eyes said, “ I have now only realized to some extent the meaning of self realization. This experience of 12 hours blind folding is more valuable than twelve years penance. At the end, “discovery of eternal peace was also a unique experience.

Mr. Viral Upadhyay and Mr. Bidish Goswami said that this real life experience taught us that nothing is impossible in life if you have strong desire and will power to accomplish things. Such events will enable us to face challenges in the globally competitive world leading to wonderful life.


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