Students Participate in the Suryadatta Rural Socio Initiative, Rice Crop plantation Vanrai Project

As a part of Suryadatta Edu Socio Initiative, this time Suryadatta Group of Institutes students of Management, IT and Hotel Management executed a very unique program of Rice Crop plantation, in association with leading Organization; Vanraiâ

Vanrai is implementing various social initiatives especially for farmers and social development since last 25 years. And their contribution is very valuable. Vanrai is implementing various projects for supporting farmers and soling their problems.

Suryadatta Group of Institutes, leading institution always ahead in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility through Edu Socio connect, joined hands for offering support to the farmers based in Vinzar, Dist : Velhe, a place about 60 km away from Pune.

This initiative was planned with an objective to inculcate the social responsibility amongst students. This program was scheduled on Thursday, 9th August, 2012. Almost 400 Suryadatta students of Management, IT, Hotel Management visited the place on 9th August, 2012. During the journey, Organizers explained the objective of these imitative and other details. A group of about 5-7 students were allcated one farmer and the students were guided and explained details of their day to day activities. The students divided in about 30-40 farms also worked in consultation with farmers for Trans plantation of RICE throughout the day

The environment is very supportive in this area for RICE Crop; the major issue faced by the people there is the shortage of labor, due to which farmers were unable to cover the entire area available for plantation. Participation from students during their visit, helped the farmers complete about 80 % of their work. The farmers, villagers and the organizers appreciated the effort put in by the students and faculty and thanked them for their contribution.

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