Suryadatta Participate in the Path Breaking Initiative “Unfold Hidden Potential through Blindfold”

Suryadatta Group of Institutes path breaking personality transformation initiative, Unfolding Hidden Potential through Blindfold saw participation from 300 students. The initiative was a part of the process to help student understand the daily life and challenges faced by blind people. The one day activity would bring out the qualities in students like leadership, team work, patients, confidence and determination in order to successfully complete the task.

These students were divided into a team of 3 of which 2 were blindfolded and one without the blindfold acted as the guide for the day. After personally experiencing the challenges faced by a blind person, 30 students voluntarily came forward and pledged to donate their eyes. The twelve hour activity began at 8 am and the participating students conducted their routine activities like attending lectures, taking down notes, interacting with their teachers and also having their meals. Eminent cartoonist, Mangesh Tendulkar, Savitaben Rathi, Dr. Mrs Naik, Dr Deepak Shikarpur and Dr Niranjan Pandya motivated the students by their presence and valuable advice.

The focus was also on achieving a goal of getting into the record books with the initiative.

On this occasion, Prof (Dr.) Sanjay Chordiya, Chairman and Founder , Suryadatta Group of Institutes said, The “Unfolding hidden potential through blindfold” was an initiative which was focused on instinct transformation of youth resulting into enhancing of belongingness, creativity, caring and sharing. It also contributed in building compassion, empathy, self confidence and team spirit, thereby shaping the overall personality of our students. I am extremely pleased with the tremendous response that we got from our students and I am sure that this activity will be ever remembered by the students who participated and go a long way in developing their personality. I am proud that 30 of our students came forward and voluntarily pledged to donate their eyes.

During the breaks in between the lectures, management & fun games such as shooting the balloon with blindfold, collection of the carom coins from the limited specified area, dance for relaxation, meditation were conducted, in the presence of their team guide ( i.e. the student without blindfold) were organized. Volunteers, administrators of the event ensured the comfort level of the participating students.

Mrs. Neelasha Shankarrao Dudhale, and MR. Kiran Dattatray Dagade, the newly elected Sarpanch and Upsarpanch respectively of Bavdhan (BK) Panchayat wherein Suryadatta Group of Institutes campus is located, were the chairperson and guest of honor for the evening valedictory function. They said that Suryadatta is performing an educational Yagnya in Bavdhan. They also said that Suryadatta has become instrumental in bringing the dynamic changes in the development of Bavdhan village. . They will be; on behalf of Bavdhan citizens proud to be part of all such endeavors of Suryadatta and support the institute full heartedly.

Students cheered these young leaders of society through their thunderous applause and standing ovation while they were felicitated by the Chairman of Suryadatta Group of Institutes Prof. Dr. Sanjay B. Chordiya by awarding them Suryadatta trophy for their social work.

The event concluded with prize distribution ceremony. Out of 300 participating students, 234 students successfully completed participation for 12 hours (i.e. 8.00 am to 8.00 pm) and all of them were awarded a trophy and certificate of excellence.. The prize distribution ceremony was followed by sky lilting fire cracker display.

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