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Management institutes have mushroomed all over the country, most of them promising bright career prospects and life-changing opportunities. Considering the recent market landscape which is full of new challenges and technological revolutions; the demand for excellent business managers is only increasing by the day. To break conventional methods of work ethos and to withstand fierce competition; the need for visionary business management institutes is the need of the time.

Out of several institutes in India, just a handful of them might impress those who are looking for all-inclusive management study programs. Along with competitive academic programs as a focal point for choice, students also need to delve deeper into some of the peripheral benefits that these institutes offer to make them stand out from the crowd.

Suryadatta Group of Institutes (SGI) is one such management school in India, Pune that has created path-breaking opportunities and hosts a list of advantages that can prepare the students for global challenges. Apart from believing in value-based education and imparting managerial leadership education, Suryadatta Group of Institutes (SGI) has managed to prove their legacy through several accolades, awards, and recognitions. Here are some differentiating factors that make Suryadatta Group of Institutes (SGI) one of the best management institutes in India today.

Awards and Ranking- Validation of genuine efforts

The role and responsibility of management institutes are huge. Apart from the educative programs, belief and value system are responsible for creating a legacy and awards are its validation. With our outstanding vision and decades of devoted education initiatives, Suryadatta Group of Institutes (SGI) has been ranked as ‘A’ category Top 50 B-Schools India for consecutive 16 years by the Leading National Surveys. In addition, Suryadatta Group of Institutes (SGI) has also garnered the honour of being ranked amongst the Top 30 in Western Region & in Top 150 B-Schools in India by Times of India Survey 2016 for consecutive 4 years. We have a list of rankings to be applauded for–

In total, almost 38+ more awards and rankings have made SGI and the groups’ other institutes a name to reckon with.

Alumni Association- Past Sculpts the Future

Suryadatta Group of Institutes (SGI) cares for its students not only when they are a part of the institute but for all the alumni students who always remain a part of the history of the institute. SGI’s Grand Alumni Meet titled ‘Surya Milan’ that echoes the theme of Past meets Future, is a big festival of enriching association and strong bonding of the alumni.

In order to establish a strong network of its past students, Suryadatta Group of Institutes (SGI) has established Alumni Association. Believing in the concept of learning lessons from the past and making use of them for the future, these platform witnesses past students sharing their experiences and passing on the knowledge to the juniors. This is a huge platform that brings together students from all over the country such as Delhi, Rajasthan, M.P, U.P, and South &North India.

Suryadatta Group of Institutes (SGI) National Awards- Honouring Talent

Suryadatta Group of Institutes (SGI) believes in felicitating and awarding outstanding contribution in education from various fields. Every year Suryadatta Group of Institutes (SGI) takes the initiative to felicitate and honour stalwarts and towering personalities from the various fields across the nation including Education, Science and Technology, Healthcare, Global Entrepreneurship, Public and Government service, NGO, Sports and Economics and many more. Excellence being the hallmark of SGI throughout its journey in the past decade; these awards are a culmination of beliefs and ethos of celebrating talent.

Suryadatta Incubation Centre- Creating endless opportunities

With a legacy of creating 16000 managers and leaders in last 18 years, Suryadatta Group of Institutes (SGI) Incubation Centre was born with the vision of bringing decades of experience and expertise together. With changing dynamics of the market and industries, the need for a nurturing eco-system and guidance became a mandate. SGIs Incubation centre envisions to work with talented entrepreneurs to ideate develop and expand great thoughts and innovations. The incubation centre facilitates a fully integrated start-up ecosystem designed to be able to produce successful companies’ with a potential to create jobs and opportunities that add value to world economies.

Going truly Global-

While the walls between global markets are thinning due to technology and opportunities; grooming business students with a global focus is the only way to complete business education. Suryadatta Group of Institutes (SGI) truly understands global demands and therefore teaching foreign business languages such as Japanese, Spanish, Chinese, German, French etc. is a part of its programs. International study tours are an important part of the programs giving true global exposure to students of SGI. For a truly international perspective, Suryadatta Group of Institutes (SGI) conducts International consulting projects, International tie-ups and student exchange programs etc.

To get to know the world from every angle and to enrich students with knowledge from shared experiences, celebrity connect is organised for students of SGI. This initiative enables students to interact with celebrities from all fields to get first-hand knowledge of what works in the world and what are the challenges that need to be conquered in the real world.

Seminars and Guest lectures- Enriching values and Innovation

Knowledge and Innovation go hand-in-hand and a perfect balance will determine success for students. Keeping this philosophy in mind, SGI organises regular seminars and guest lectures where life transforming and motivational speeches are a big takeaway. Apart from this, Suryadatta Group of Institutes (SGI) organises role play to get hands-on experience of the real business world, Case Study learning, Students committee clubs and Simulation of Business environments are a part of the programs.

Suryadatta Group of Institutes (SGI) offers a host of educative programs and several other added benefits to make its students ready for global challenges. With a perfect combination of knowledge and innovation; SGI strives to provide holistic education; one that confers values, impeccable business skills, and grand exposure in order to truly prepare the students for implementing knowledge to become successful entrepreneurs of the world.

To know more about the educative programs and why SGI is unique in every way log on to Suryadatta Group of Institutes (SGI)

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