5 Important Tips to Ace an MBA Interview

In today’s era every management college wishes to admit quality students and one way they ensure that is through Personal Interviews. This is a process which helps the B-school judge the abilities, attitude and aptitude of the candidate.So it is better to be prepared for the same.

None of us can be sure of the questions we might have to face during any interview process, but we can always be prepared for frequently asked questions and be sure about answering them smartly. Also, there are certain tips, which if followed diligently, will help you ace any interview.

1. Know the interview style of the college

Following the institutes’ interview style will help you get confidence. You have to learn what to expect as, different B-schools prefer different interview ways. Like some may prefer on campus interview or off campus interview, etc. So it’s better to have deep knowledge of the entire process like where the interview will be conducted, when it is going to be held, what probable questions they will ask, etc.

2. Communication with current students or alumni

Before attending any interview try to talk with the current students or alumni. This will help you learn about the current trend and learn from their experience. You must make a note of questions which might have surprised them.

3. Dress for success

Giving your best during the interview leads to success. And remember your first impression plays a vital role in achieving that success. Having a neat, well-organised, professional look will add value to your approach. For men, a business suit or formals with collared shirt and tie will go and for women skirt or pants with simple jewellery and close-toed pumps will work great.

4. Show, don’t tell

This tip is regarding the behavioural questions. You might be asked question about your strengths and weakness. For describing your strengths, instead of straightforward saying that you are a good leader, team player, etc. try to explain the situation which you may have faced in your school life which can prove such qualities.. For describing your weakness, try and pull out positivity out of that. For example, “When I’m tensed I become more creative” something like that.

5. Personal branding

The most important thing in personal branding is to know your message, what you want to present in front of the interviewer. This doesn’t mean to present a fake image, instead to present yourself as an asset to their company. You must try to make an image that you are a talented individual who has big career aspirations.

Wrapping up

Just remember to take a deep breath when you feel that you are stressed and start your answer afresh and the success will be yours. Hope these small, but significant tips will help you successfully complete your MBA Interview. Good luck.

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