5 Things that you need to ace before choosing a career in Marketing

“Marketing is really just about sharing your passion.”
- Michael Hyatt

Starting a career in marketing is the best career option for aspirants who are interested in strategizing, identifying prevailing trends and patterns in the industry and how companies can innovate to stay ahead of the curve. If you are choosing marketing as your career option, your priority tasks will include:

  • Approximating the needs for product/service
  • Identifying potential markets for products/services
  • Observing trends
  • Developing sales and pricing strategies
  • Working with colleagues in maintaining sales department, product development and public relations

So, how one can get expertise in the above? Well, pursuing knowledge on the same is on priority but what are the next important things that you need to be perfect with? Possessing soft skills certainly gives you a natural advantage, helping you other core skills at a faster haul.

1. Confident

It is common knowledge that confidence is one of the strongest pillars of strength your personality has. It was found that people with appreciated confidence levels can approach any problem in a unique way as compared to others. This is so because they know the importance of sharing ideas and building relationships. This is the reason why people with appreciated confidence levels are likeable, popular and more likely to succeed in real life.

Confident people are the ones who love to express their ideas in front of others and also appreciate people participating in the conversation.They are headstrong, and believe in sticking with their decisions and making them count. On the other hand, they are quite humble to accept their mistakes and learn from them as every decision has two outcomes- either it will be the correct one or you fail.

2. Proactive

What is being proactive? It’s being change-oriented, anticipatory and self-initiated in every situation, instead of just reacting.Also, we know that it’s better to be proactive than reactive, right?

Being proactive will help you act in an organised way, which includes your space, mindset and not to forget your schedule. When you are working in an organised way, it will help you in approaching your tasks more efficiently and staying open to ample opportunities. But this doesn’t mean that you should ignore your ‘downtime’ for those activities which help you in balancing your life. Being proactive will label you as the person who is ready, willing and capable. So who will be the best example of being proactive? It is the person who offers help to their colleagues before the acknowledgement from their higher authorities.

3. Strong in communication

With no doubt, communication plays a vital role in both organisation and personal life. Further, it is correctly said that the victories of any organisation depend on the transparency between the team members and clear understanding of ideas, isn’t it? So how can this be achieved? Quite simply, with effective communication.

Also, being strong in communication can help in achieving organisational goals as you will express your thoughts and ideas well. It is also important for every employee to have clarity of ideas and messages, so as to avoid working in silos and to prevent miscommunication from happening.

4. Good at presentation

Before we start, let me drive your attention towards a fact that presentation is part and parcel of your job. As per today’s demand, every marketing professional is expected to give presentations as the part of their profile. According to a Gallup poll, it was found that 40 percent of the population has a fear of public speaking and this may have a great impact at their workplace. So it’s better to overcome this fear. Hope the following can help you on this:

  • Talk to yourself (use a mirror, it is effective)
  • Be organised
  • Judge your weak points
  • Know your audience beforehand

5. Interpersonal skills

Do you love to meet and interact with people? If yes, congratulations then, you already have this quality. Well, if you are good at interpersonal skills then it clears a path to share your creativity and ideas with others, a must in every organisation. And this is the reason why people with this ability are expressive and inclusive, are prioritized and appreciated at workplaces.

Now that you know what your marketing bucket list is, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, ace it!

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