A look at the PGDM Program Specializations at Suryadatta Group of Institute

The days of find someone questioning the value of Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) are long gone. The constantly evolving requirements of employers, the changing demands of students, make it a convincing case.

Reasons for PGDM’s popularity

Here’s a bird’s-eye view of the course.

PGDM is an ambitious course that intends to develop conscientious and sturdy business managers who can lead the corporate world with their technical acumen and life skills. Characterised by a flexible and an industry relevant syllabus, PGDM is a contemporary course that resonates with the changing demand of business and technology.

The advancements in information, communication and technology have increased the demand for PGDM as this course fully appreciates their significance in the life of a modern manager. PGDM is a holistic course that imparts dexterity and proficiency to the students while they handle complex real business life scenarios.

Advantage PGDM: How it weighs out the traditional MBA

When it comes to the benefits one can accrue after pursuing PGDM; the focal point is the broad applicability and massive demand for PGDM professionals. Well, here are some of the paybacks you can earn after completing PGDM.

•    Gain a lifelong learning attitude

•    Gain a superior knowledge of business intricacies

•    Gain a broader perspective fuelled by an innovative approach

•    Gain a wide range of managerial skills

•    Gain critical thinking and reasoning ability for a rational business decision making

Do you see where you can gain your edge?

Suryadatta Institute of Mass Media and Communication (SIMMC) passionately endeavours to realise the outcomes through its exclusive PGDM program with dual specialisation. The PGDM program at SIMMC prepares you for life challenges through a rigorous and comprehensive pedagogy that relies on practical learning, knowledge management, mentoring by leaders, cognitive and affective development, global exposure and sustainable growth initiatives.

PGDM specialisations –  adding flying colours to your career

SIMMC offers a PGDM program in emerging sectors along with dual specialisation course while considering the combinations like Finance and Marketing, International Business and Marketing, Human Resource and International Business and Marketing and Information Technology.

A dual specialisation offers added-on advantage as you get the opportunity of learning both the electives in detail. These strategic combinations have been designed while keeping in mind the versatile nature of business sectors. They say, ‘It is a match made in heaven’. Finance and Marketing make a powerful duo that equips the learners with financial management skills along with the capabilities of creating value for the brand through innovative marketing campaigns. You become eligible to get lucrative job opportunities where you can manage finances for creating maximum satisfaction for your ultimate consumers, i.e. stakeholders.

Another excellent blend comes from Marketing and International Business. The significance of learning international business is inevitable in the global economy. Additionally, the specialisation dedicatedly focuses on marketing aspects from global perspectives. Sounds like, the icing on the cake!

Placements: A decisive factor

Nevertheless, placements are one of the instrumental concerns that every student possesses before choosing a specific course. With a strategic vision, a PGDM course has been designed to meet the industry needs. A dedicated placement cell works rigorously to bring some of the industry’s best brands to the campus.

At SIMMC, we believe that every professional deserves a great chance thereby ensuring maximum placements with the brand of national and international reputes from various segments.

The success stories of our students indicate that we build not only committed business leaders but also enthusiastic entrepreneurs.

Some schools show you the world. We help you change it.

Classes forming now!


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