Communication Skills for Effective Management

Being able to communicate effectively is the most essential of all life skills. Good communication skills allow Managers and Leaders to perform their role more efficaciously. So it is significant that Managers and Leaders are excellent communicators.

Communication skills for managers and leaders mainly consist of six subset skills.

1. The ability to set out the goal

The role of the leader-manager is to guide the team to a successful conclusion. Primarily, the role of a leader is to set a clear target – to be hit. The ability to set out the goal or the target to be hit is the major communication skill of a leader – manager.

2. The ability to communicate the plan of action

It is not enough to know what goal is to be attempted. It is also equally important to have a detailed Master-plan, which is capable of achieving the set goal. So, the ability to explain and communicate the plan of action is an essential skill. This requires the ability to speak clearly using accurate language, not ambiguous language.

3. The ability to communicate delegated actions

Delegation is the act of assigning a task to another. All good managers and leaders are persistent and accurate delegators. Good delegation saves your time, develops people, grooms a successor, and helps to motivate the one who is assigned the work with. To brush the skills of amateur managers or future leaders one must undergo these primary tasks to achieve the unachieved.

4. The ability to give corrective critical feedback

It is important to be able to criticize people in a manner that corrects the behavior but does not foul the relationship. When a dispute causes the members of the same team regard each other as enemies, resulting into obstacles in the project. The ability to communicate constructive criticism is “a must”.

5. The ability to give praise and appreciation

Words of praise are a key to high motivation, high self-esteem and positive morale. A few words of appreciation and praise by a manager can go a long way. They make employees more engaged in the work that they do and make them more committed to their teams and organizations. It is a way of comforting your fellow employee that helps in generating more interest from the employee towards his duties. Only a happy mind and give out the best of deliverables.

6. The ability to communicate

The ability to communicate effectively with superiors, colleagues, and staff is essential, no matter what industry you work in. In this digital age, one must know how to effectively convey and receive messages in person as well as via phone, email and social media.

Communication takes effort. But it is effort well-spent that gives the benefits—a more pleasant, more productive work setting in which everyone feels valued.

One last tip: When you practice good communication, you’ll notice the effect. The results that come from communicating wisely will be the proof that communication really is the key to good management.

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