Confidence, creativity, courage – how to maximize your MBA

Embarking on an intensive journey for an MBA is demanding across all aspects of your life: intellectually, socially, financially, and personally. How do you balance these demands and make sure you are making the most of your MBA for the best possible experience?

The answer is in the question itself: Confidence, creativity and courage. Part of the MBA experience is training you for the tumultuous real world whirlwind of leadership within an organization, in which balancing all 3 is crucial.

Let us see in depth how these three attributes maximize your MBA.


An MBA is more than just a business degree; it’s an experience. While the MBA program comprises of subjects relating to all key business functions, it is also praised for the skills and attributes students develop throughout. Strategic thinking, enhanced communication skills, and increased confidence are some of the most underrated but highly valued skills acquired throughout the journey. Most of Suryadatta graduates reported that the MBA experience improved their strategy development skills, and others have experienced increased self-confidence. While confidence itself cannot be taught, knowledge often provides the validation needed to be assured. At Suryadatta we explore the topic of confidence gained through the MBA and why it is such a valuable part of the experience. So, would you like to feel more confident in your career, whether it be in decision-making, managing staff, pursuing new opportunities or communicating with higher management? Suryadatta’s MBA is a great way to arm you with the knowledge to do exactly that, with the majority of students enjoying increased self-confidence after the degree.


Enterprises must create and recreate themselves to establish and maintain a competitive advantage. Through a combination of case studies and pedagogical structure, an MBA student can bring up ideas, creativity, passion and perseverance needed to move the world forward. Advances in the digital space – be they social, mobile, or otherwise – are breaking down barriers to market entry, turning established business models on their heads, and offering new ways to engage with customers and employees. To identify and effectively respond to tomorrow’s digital opportunities and threats, it is crucial to develop a truly digital mindset; only with this paradigm can business gains be realized.


Making a big impact requires the courage of your convictions, an open mind, and the commitment to see a plan through. At Suryadatta, we foster a mindset of action and determination to effect change and extraordinary achievement. In business, you won’t always get a win. In fact, you may experience many failures on your path to success. MBA is not a walk in the park, you will be exposed to situations wherein you will need to take risks where you might fail, but you learn something from that failure and move forward. When success comes too easy, you rarely question what could be improved. Failure teaches you to think more critically about the progression of your business or your career, causing you to analyze what is working well and what isn’t. Getting your courage shield on will serve you well throughout the course of your business or career, helping you to recognize potential missteps along the way.


In business, technical knowledge is critical. But to effectively lead, students need to also be experts in communications, leadership, problem-solving and team building. The course work in Suryadatta’s MBA programs provides leadership training by placing students in the role of decision makers during case analyses, team projects and class discussion. By building leadership concepts and experiences into the core courses, the program combines foundational business knowledge with strategies for influencing, motivating, guiding and supporting others in achieving a common purpose. The mission of Suryadatta is creating knowledge and developing ethical leaders for a global society.


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