Evolution of Fashion Industry in India

India is the country known for its diverse culture and tradition. The Indian fashion has a million years of traditional history. Every region of India has a variety of traditional dresses & distinct fashion. And the modern fashion industry in India is growing rapidly keeping pace with the international developments.

According to the Indian culture, the body should reflect the culture and tradition of that person. Thus, people wear such clothes which can convey the personality of their concerned tradition. If we talk about the Indian history of clothing, people used to wear such clothes which can fulfil two criteria: simplicity and opulence. The choice of accessories and costumes worn by the people generally depends on their ethnicity, religion, status and wealth.

Brief History

The fashion of ancient India can be seen from the available sculptures as a few examples of these have survived the test of time. During the Indus Valley Civilization i.e., from 3000-1500 BC, women used to be bare to the waist while men wore loin-clothes. The high ranking women used to cover their bosoms with jewellery.  Later on, to avoid the clothing complications the upper and lower garments were introduced and the cloak was added later. Even today, the Indian costumes have pieces of clothes that are draped over the body and are known as the scarf, dhoti and turban.

Soon after the independence, the Indian fashion world was affected by the influence of globalization. As a result, the Indian dressing style has changed, which further led to the fusion of western and Indian clothing like spaghetti with saree, jeans worn along with kurta are some examples to consider. The changes made in the Indian fashion industry are highly appreciated all around the world and has a great potential, as a result, western brands are interested in participating in Indian fashion weeks. Also, the Indian Fashion Industry is a big exporter of accessories and fabrics for the worldwide fashion industry.

Market Capitalization

The recent report on Indian Fashion Industry state that in the next 5 to 10 years the fashion industry can increase from its current net worth of Rs 200 Cr to Rs 1000 Cr. This has been possible due to the emergence various new start-ups in the fashion domain especially on the ecommerce front.  However, it has also led to stiff competition, but it has also opened new avenues for the industry.

Contribution to Sales & Economy

ASSOCHAM’s recent analysis on the Indian Fashion Industry indicates that the current market for designer wear is worth Rs 1,62,900 Cr and is growing at the rate of 9.5% every year.

Modern Advancements

With technological advancements happening across all industries, fashion has also undergone numerous advancements. Through scientific research we have been able to develop revolutionary materials and fabrics that have transformed the fashion industry globally. Integration of wearable technology into clothes and eco-friendly dresses are some examples of the same.

Along with that, Big Data & Analytics also has become a part of the fashion domain. Various companies collect data and information about the interests of customers around the world. And use the same to make informed decisions about the changing mindset and create clothes according to the emerging trend.

Employment Opportunities

As we now know that the Indian fashion world has grown rapidly and has created a great consciousness among the Indians. Both men and women are interested in fashion and designer clothing. Thus, several institutes have emerged where aspirants are taught to boost up their talent and creativity into the fabric and apparel designs and technology. Media has also played a vital role in the enhancing and appreciating fashion. Also, there are some magazines which are highly devoted to the fashion scene. The Indian film industry also influences the fashion trend in the country. Further creating opportunities for individuals aspiring to explore opportunities in the fashion industry.

Interested In Fashion Technology & Designing?

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