How should be the preparations for entrance exam for MBA in India?

MBA is one of the sought-after courses, which is a dream of many to pursue. The demand of MBA professionals is increasing day by day which is making the preparations equally tough and hectic.

As demand increases and admissions become more competitive, preparation is vital – for your application and your MBA coursework. Aspirants require an analytical mind, in-depth knowledge, sharp memory along with systematic planning. Needless to say, an overnight preparation wouldn’t work to clear the MBA Entrance Exam. You have to create a mindset where you know how much effort is needed to make the most of your preparations.

Here are 5 tips to prepare you for the MBA entrance exam:

Tip 1

On the basis of your understanding of the exam syllabus, create a preparation plan. Focus on all the sections and don’t leave anything for the last moment. Focus on your strengths and strengths alone.

Tip 2

The MBA entrance exam such as CAT / CMAT / MAT/ State CET has never been structured to test your expertise in any particular subject. Rather,it tests and evaluates your overall abilities. Hence, you are suggested to focus on:

  • English language- Your command ofthe English language, grammar, vocabulary, and precision will be evaluated.
  • Logical & Reasoning ability-Focus on basic knowledge of mathematics and statics along with logical thinking.
  • General Knowledge & current affairs- Current affairs will help you get updated with the trending topics of today’s world. Thus, this will assure that you are aware of the day to day happenings and are ready to make decisions wisely.


Tip 3

It would be great if you expand your reading lists. MBA aspirants must read 100s of pages of (newspaper, articles etc) every week along with the coursework and classroom sessions. Reading will improve your vocabulary, knowledge of the global market and of course, help you avoid exhaustion while studying.

Tip 4

For the better result of your efforts, set your goals before you plunge into the studying sessions. Having a plan is important.  Take as many mock tests you can to evaluate your performance and to check the areas you needs to work on.

Tip 5

Prepare well for the selection process post your entrance exam.

GD & PI : Management Institutes conduct Group Discussion (GD) and Personal Interview (PI) for selection of students. Ensure that you practice well for both.

Leadership Qualities- This tests your public speaking powers and how good you are at supporting your team. Group discussion is the preferred way to judge your leadership qualities.

Last words -Good work is better, but smart work is the best.

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