What to expect when you study at Suryadutta Group Of Institutes?

What to expect when you study at Suryadatta Group of Institutes?

A degree from us will prepare you for a successful future and give you some great experiences along the way. You’ll be inspired by experts in your subject, learn with like-minded people and enjoy student life in an outstanding coastal location.

Our students may come from all walks of life, but what they all have in common are inquiring, independent minds. Let us take you through at what all you can expect at Suryadatta Group of Institutes.

Reputation of Excellence

Suryadatta Institute of Management is ranked as “A+ Category B-School by Business & Management Chronicle – 8th Chronicle B-School Survey 2017.

Read about our rankings. (hyperlink this text with http://www.suryadatta.org/advantage-suryadatta/ranking.html )

Exposure to diversity

Suryadatta has a multicity, multinational and multicultural perspective. Students from different campuses network and gain a detailed understanding of diverse consumer bases of the different economic and social geographies. This is ensured with a structured student’ events and Market Connect Initiatives.

Maintain work-life balance

University isn’t just about studying. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of the vast social curriculum on offer. You could volunteer with the student union, or connect with like-minded students through our clubs and societies program. Whether you’re into sports, arts, politics or culture, there’s bound to be a group to suit you.

Pre-Placement Programme

Our Pre-Placement program covers topics such as personal introduction, CV writing, and presentation, Techniques of Facing interviews, Group Discussions, How to score well in Aptitude tests and Frequently Asked Questions, are covered in such programs.

Global spotlight

Globalization has resulted in a demand for multilingual, cross-cultural professionals. To enable the students to get hands – on exposure to diverse business cultures, we facilitate their Internships across various national boundaries. We believe that this is the best manner to learn about different cultures, languages and customs evolving as global citizens.

Learning from the best

From day one of your degree, you’ll learn from renowned researchers and industry leaders recognized globally for their outstanding achievements. Your lecturers and tutors are passionate, brilliant, and dedicated to sharing their insights and discoveries with you.

Live your future now

Learn in the real world with internships, leadership experiences and volunteering all offered to our undergraduate students. Some of the most exciting discoveries are made outside the classroom, which is why we encourage you to make practical learning part of your experience with Suryadatta.

Come; join some of the best students from around the globe at one of the India’s top universities.




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