Importance of Program Specialization

Innovation was never a revolution; it always existed in all ages. With changing times, innovation simply started taking newer and different forms in every field. Education was not left behind too and today, innovative and out-of-the-box thinking is replacing conventional norms of education. Program Specialization is one such form of innovative, educative incentive that is adding value to a routine syllabus. B-Schools are now focusing on program specializations as a key initiative, apart from offering an overall well-designed syllabus. This has changed the face of how business learning is benefitting students and the world at large.

Students who want to pursue MBA (Savitribai Phule Pune University affiliated) can now think of selecting Program Specialization to boost their careers. Suryadatta Group of Institutes (SGI) offers specialization curriculum adding more value degree courses. Students, who opt for definitive choices such as specializations, can enhance their knowledge and gain more confidence as a subject matter expert in their careers. SGI has designed these specializations based on intensive research of market trends, job requirements and the overall inclination of students. Keeping in mind the actual implantation of knowledge; SGI has a list of MBA key specializations to offer:-

  • Marketing Management
  • Finance Management
  • Information Technology Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • International Business Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Rural & Agribusiness Management
  • Healthcare Digital Media &Communicating Management
  • Tourism Management

Traditionally, a specialist can act like an all-rounder who can be a ‘jack of all and master of one’ with enhanced chances of success. But, choosing between options may be difficult, and here’s why selecting the right specialization matters:

Aptitude matters, not trends-

The peculiarity of trends is that they always change with time. What stays forever is a real knowledge that can be applied and molded as per time and its demands. So while choosing a specialization in MBA programs, we suggest that the students go by their aptitude rather than trending-trends. Since adding value has always been SGI’s core theme of education; our specializations aims at making the degree more comprehensive and holistic in nature to be able to provide a valuable extension to the basic course that students choose to pursue. In addition, the specializations that we have designed are not just academic-centric but they make for a high-paying career for students who invest their time and efforts in the degree.

SGI Alumni-

Our strong and resourceful Alumni association is a testimony to the efforts of SGI and its results have benefitted several students till today. SGI’s strong Alumni can help students make an informed decision. Alumni meet at SGI is a large, annual assembly where past meets present. SGI Alumni offers career advice to students of the current batches and faculties and Alumni also impart knowledge through experiences. Apart from the Alumni, a dedicated placement-cell of SGI makes it one of the most preferred institutes for MBA today. The efforts and skills of students are put to use through rigorous placement activities and events that invite ample placement opportunities for students. Companies from various industries and economy-sectors visit SGI during the placement drive.

Time and again it has been proved that making the right choice of institute for studies such as MBA has a big impact on the overall career of the students. SGI’s MBA specialization is highly industry-oriented helping ambitious students find a niche for themselves in the global market.

Apart from offering a variety of specialization programs, SGI provides the state-of-the-art campus with academic ambience necessary to hone special skills along with the routine programs for students. To know more about MBA program specializations at SGI log on to

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