KAVYATHON – A unique Patriotic initiative of 25 hours of Relay Singing of Patriotic Songs & Poems

The Surdyadatta Group of Institutes (SGI) created history with a remarkable and exceptional event on the auspicious eve of 73rd Independence Day of our country, KAVYATHON, held at the Bavdhan campus of the institute.

KAVYATHON: First of its Kind Patriotic Affair By An Academic Institute in India

Intended to celebrate the brave heroes and martyrs of our nation; KAVYATHON was a two-day event that kicked-off at 9 am on 14th August and ended beautifully at 10 am on 15th August – the joyous day of our 73rd Independence.

KAVYATHON successfully brought together everybody associated with SGI under one roof. The students, faculties, volunteers and the non-teaching members performed non-stop 25 hours relay singing of patriotic songs & poems. The enthralling songs and poems boosted the national spirit.

This historical event was the first of its kind, never attempted by any other academic institute. The sensational spirit of KAVYATHON emerged as a leading platform for cross-culturalism while representing Unity in Diversity. The sole objective was to create awareness as to how our freedom fighters and soldiers continue to struggle even in anguish.

KAVYATHON: Establishing Records

KAVYATHON was graced by the presence of prominent personalities of the SGI group –Dr. Sanjay Chordiya, Founder, Mr Sachin Itkar, Advisor, Ms Sushama Chordiya, Vice-President and  Mr Ajit Shinde, Principal.

The Suryadatta Group of Institutes earned two National Records for this legendary 25 hours of relay singing of patriotic songs & poems through KAVYATHON. The first and foremost record is- ’25 hours of non-stop relay singing of 100+ patriotic songs’ and the second record accredited is -’The Highest number of people singing in a relay’ (522 people in total) at the grand event of KAVYATHON.

With this honour, the SGI group becomes the first-ever academic institute to achieve these incredible national feats.

As said, “Hard work pays off in the end”.  The collective and endless efforts of the institute helped them in achieving countrywide accomplishment.

Other Patriotic Events

Students from twelve different faculties & domains coordinated proactively with each other and took part in KAVYATHON, exhibiting their patriotism in distinctive modes. To promote and publicize the Indian fabric and its craze, the artistic students of Suryadatta Institute of Fashion Technology (SIFT) presented a five-sequence long Fashion Show on the theme of national integration which stunned the crowd.

This Independence Day was a fun-filled saga for everyone with activities like Rakhi Making, Jewellery Designing, Mehendi/ Rangoli and Poster making.

The students of Travel & Hotel Management exhibited different Indian cuisines covering the wide-ranging culture of numerous states. The whole campus was decorated with the colours of patriotism by the event management students.

At the event, Prof. Dr Chordiya emphasized on the ‘Brands of India’ Expo signifying distinct personalities from various spheres like sports, agriculture, politics, entertainment, and science who have earned recognition at international level and are working relentlessly to refine indigenous talent.

Mr Sachin Itkar told that the SGI institute is diligently offering quality education to students with an effort to raise their social consciousness by managing and reinforcing events like KAVYATHON.

Public Announcement

Dr Chordiya rendered an important announcement towards the betterment of children impacted by flood this year. He declared that the SGI institute would take on the responsibility of 72 children from the flood-affected districts of Sangli and Kolhapur by giving them free education along with basic accommodation. He also urged other educational institutes of Pune to come up and lend a helping hand to these kids.

KAVYATHON saw an impressive finish, just like a remarkable start. The event got highlighted on a large scale in the renowned newspapers like the Times of India and PunekarNews; in addition to the news channels like Pune Darpan.

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