Landscape design, a new age career for you!

So, you see a fairly green lawn and your creative juices begin to flow. You begin the landscaping planning all in your mind. You think of the creative ways and construction of gardens appearance and how you can make it a space for outdoor activities around a home. If you do think of all this, then a career in Landscape Design is just right for you.

Working as a landscape designer requires little formal education. Learn about the education opportunities, job duties, and certification to see if this is the right career for you.

Landscape design is an interesting career that involves both the science and art of designing natural spaces. This article goes into the educational and experiential requirements to become a landscape designer, including the benefits of obtaining a certification or completing a degree program.

Essential Information:

Landscape designers create environmental landscapes using a variety of tools and plant life. Although it is possible to begin a career as a landscape designer without formal education, an associate’s or bachelor’s degree or a certificate course in Landscape Design by Suryadatta Group Pune Institute of Applied Technology (SGIPIAT) in a related field can prove advantageous in building a portfolio and securing employment. This 4 -month course is structured in such a way that students can get an opportunity to design as well as execute the landscape projects with expertise and confidence.

Scope of Landscape Design:

The scope of Landscape Design includes urban planning, site planning, environmental planning, real estate planning, green infrastructure planning and much more. As a Landscape Designer you will work as lead professionals or as a site specialist wherein you will work on a wide range of civic developments, urban design, commercial, industrial and tourism developments, and residential and lifestyle subdivisions.

Career Opportunities:

Landscape architecture plays an important role in designing and developing the projects, with respect to the environment. On completion of your certificate course at SGIPIAT you can apply for a job in public, private and academic organizations across the globe as a Landscape Architect, Site Designer, Civil Engineer, Architect, Designer, Architect Manager, Landscape Consultant, and Landscape Architect Supervisor.

Skills required:

-          Analytical Skills

-          Critical Thinking Skills

-          Problem Solving Abilities

-          Strong Visual and Oral Communication

-          Visual and Spatial Creativity

Prospects for Landscape Designers

As a novice you can earn anything from Rs 7500 to Rs 30000 at an early stage of your career. However, the experience matters as you gain a crucial knowledge which cannot be quantified in monetary terms.

For all aspiring landscape designers, here’s what you need to know.

-          Before joining the landscape programme, work for at least one year with a good landscape office; which can add a weightage to your portfolio of work.


-          Read a lot about the profession; read books – on landscape history, Indian landscapes, plant material; see the works of some landscape architects you like and try and make a picture in your mind about the profession-  a picture that excites you; one that you like. This will help you to calibrate your thoughts while learning the profession in college.

SGIPIAT are pioneers in our landscape design certificate which is internationally respected, with former students working for some of the world’s most successful designers. Our award winning tutors, have years of experience and provide exceptional tuition, help and long term support both during and after the course. Apply now for the course.



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