Suryadatta Group’s concern and action for reaching disaster hit Malin

Mumbai 2014 Aug XI(NA1-Sailesh Gandhi): Disaster of Malin- a small village near Pune , has disturbed one and all human beings. The members of Suryadatta Education foundation have realized that the prime need of the hour is to extend help to the sufferers   and the relatives of the dead ones through cash and kinds.Therefore the students and staff of ‘Suryadatta’ family have voluntarily contributed towards this noble cause and raised the funds which will be handed over through the Sarpanch of Bavdhan (BK), Pune, to the affected families.

Dr. Sanjay B Chordiya, Founder, President and Chairman of Suryadatta Group of Institutes, Pune and the President of the Small and Medium Enterprises, Pune Chapter has appealed to various industries, organizations and institutes to emulate this example and contribute generously to help the people who are left behind in and around Malin gaon, after losing their near and dear ones.Dr. Chordiya has stressed the need to stimulate the discussions and formation of action committees for Disaster Management at various levels of the society to avoid such calamities and in case they occur, to handle them successfully.

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