Things to Know Before Starting a Career in Interior Design

Today Interior Design isone of the most sought after career options in India and the topmost reason for this is the increasing income of people as well as the rise in the number of city dwellers.Another reason is that, with more and more people moving towards the cities the available living spaces are shrinking every day.Therefore, it is getting more and more important to make efficient use of the available space. And all this has led to the rise in demand of skilled interior designers,who lay the foundation of creating beautiful homes making the best use of available space.Interior design has today come of the shadow of architecture and civil engineering to become an independent field of its own, and a lot of newcomers are eager to take this field.

So, if you are one of those aspirants who want to make a career in interior design, then here’s a list of things you must know before taking a decision.

1. Interior Design is not just Decoration: You might be good in understanding and choosing colours, textures, and placement of objects in the room, but this is not interior design even if you might receive appreciation from others for your decoration skills. In fact, decoration is a sub-domain that comes under interior design.

2. Interior Design Is Not All About Design: Along with designing skills like technical drawing, design, you also need to have the knowledge of space, material, furniture, and design tools. Along with that having good interpersonal and communication skills, is also important. This will help you maintain contacts and market your services well.

3. Specializations: The education of Interior Design contains various specializations that you can choose from. These include

  • • Commercial and office spaces
  • • Industries like healthcare and retail
  • • Hospitality industry including
    • Hospitals & Clinics
    • Hotels & Restaurant
    • Cafes & Resorts
    • Public Exhibitions & Art Galleries, etc.

So, you will have to decide about the area of specialization you want to pursue, because frankly speaking you cannot be a master of all.

4. High Demand in India: There is not just a great scope for interior designers in India;actually there is scarcity of interior designers in India. In fact, currently there is a need for around 100000 interior designers in the country.So if you are planning to take up a career in interior designing this is the right time to do it.

5. It’s Rewarding but it Won’t Be Easy: Undoubtedly interior designing is a rewarding career and you’ll get to earn a lot of money and get famous as well, but it will be difficult at times.Especially, during your initial days, because this is a career where practical knowledge matters the most and the quicker you do that it will be easier for you. However, it will also require a lot of hard work both physically and mentally.

6. Early Earning within two to three years of learning: One can start earning immediately after completing Two Years Diploma or Three Years Degree recognized by Govt. of Maharashtra & approved by UGC. This creative field always gives mind blowing experience to make vibrant career immediately after Xth & XIIth education.

And once you have achieved that level of learning and experience, there will be no turning back for you!So, now if you are looking for a college or institute that offers some good programs in the field of interior design then look no further that the Suryadatta Group of Institutes. For more details visit

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