Travel & Tourism Program: The Need of the Hour, Across The Globe

Tourism and hospitality industry is currently one the fastest growing sectors in India and has been developing at a greater pace in other countries too. With no doubt, the present scenario and the demand of the sector has created numerious opportunities for the individuals who are interested in making a promising career in the hospitality industry.

Let’s check out some factors that explain how the travel and tourism industry is growing and opting for a program in the same is the need of the hour, across the globe:

1. Current Evolving Scenario

The travel and tourism sector in India belongs to the category which has shown a major growth in the last decade. Tourism has played a vital role in our country’s economic growth in the form of Foreign Direct Investment and Foregin Exchange Earnings. According to the tourism ministry, the GDP is expected to rise at the rate of 7.2% per annum in near future.

2. Social Media

Social media, no doubt has a global influence which has taken tourism to the next level. This is one of the reasons why it is dynamically used by the hotels, travel industry and government. It is continuously leading to the growth components and shaping India’s new identity in tourism. Youth are playing a vital role in increasing the glamour facets of the hospitality career. As a result, different government bodies are taking a step ahead in encouraging hospitality training. As a result, it is spreading a wise message for youths and ample employment opportunities are initiated.

3. Political Reforms

The Govt. of India is playing a crucial role in boosting tourism and hospitality. Several policies such as the ‘Swadesh Darshan Scheme’, ‘Incredible India’, ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ is campaign are some a great example of this. Also, in the union budget of 2017-18, the Government has emphasized on some major steps to encourage tourism and hospitality via the formulation of special programs and policies.

4. Tourism Is the New Age

In today’ era, the meaning of traveling has changed. Gone are those days when people used to travel to meet people. Now people especially the ones belonging to the younger generation are interested in exploring places and experiencing life through travel. This energetic attitude of today’s youth is drawing them towards making a bright career in tourism.

A Bright Future and Great Career Opportunities Await You

Our country is growing and implementing different schemes to encourage career in tourism and hospitality. So if you are interested in making a bright career in this field then this is the right time to move on take a wise decision towards a bright future.

Interested? If YES, then make sure that you enrol with the best college which can provide you great learning and good career opportunities.

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